10 Tips For Healthy Skin
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tips for healthy skin

10 Tips For Healthy Skin

Although most people’s skin is probably at its driest during the winter months, all seasons of the year have their own problems for skin to be at its best. As skin matures when we get older, dry skin can become a problem, unless it is taken care off.  Dry skin includes chapped lips and a tight feeling of the skin. It becomes so parched that its painful, itchy and flaky.  Most of us experience this in one way or the other. Here are 10 quick and easy tips to keep your skin moisturised.

10 Tips For Healthy Skin

# 1 Oil based lotions

Use an oil based lotion, which creates a protective layer on the skin compared to water based lotions, that only nourish temporarily and evaporate soon afterwards. Try and get your oils as natural as possible. The best skin lotion to use is pure organic coconut oil. What about petroleum based lotions? Not a good idea…. Petroleum based lotions might moisturise the skin but they do not allow it to breathe resulting in clogged pores. Try lotions with olive oil, almond oil and primrose oil.

# 2 When to apply lotion

Apply your lotion while your skin is still partially damp. This traps moisture that is needed by the body to stay hydrated, and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.

# 3 Water Water Water

It is easy to avoid drinking water due to the cold , but this should be no excuse. If the water is too cold, boil a cup in the kettle and dilute it with your usual water until it reaches a temperature that is comfortable for you to drink.

# 4 Hot Bath

That tempting 1 hour long hot soak….not a good idea. Hot water opens up the skin, allowing it to lose moisture. Opt for a quick shower or a bath for 15 minutes or less.

# 5 Lip Lock

Avoid licking your lips, this dries them out even more. Invest in a good lip balm that you carry with you and use when your lips start to feel dry.

# 6 Soap

Stay away from drying soaps. Try and find hydrating natural soaps, which are usually available in health shops.

# 7 What’s on the menu?

Skin nourishment is not only dependent on a good lotion, what you eat also reflects on your skin.  Add more vitamins A and C, zinc and essential fatty acids like Omega 3.  Foods rich in these include avocados, walnuts, flax seeds, oranges and lemons.

10 Tips For Healthy Skin

# 8 Cover Up

Having protective clothing protects your skin from dry winds and varying temperatures that you experience outdoors.  Also, be very cautious of sun-tanning between 11 – 3 on hot summer days. Even if there is a lot of cloud, you can still burn your skin.

# 9 Honey

Honey is an excellent anti-oxidant with bacteria fighting properties, which makes it an essential ingredient for a face mask. Don’t be afraid to get a little sticky. Apply honey for 15 minutes and then rinse it off,with a little soap lather, if needed – this leaves the skin soft and silky.

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10 Overnight Moisturize

Hands, feet, elbows, and knees lose moisture faster in the winter. Moisturize these areas well with a moisturizer containing all natural ingredients at night. Remember to clean and moisturize your face too. Tip: Wearing light socks will seal in the moisture softening your feet and preventing cracked heels.