Reaching out
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Reaching outWhen was the last time you did something for someone? In south africa we have a term called ‘ubuntu’ which basically describes how we should treat people. Healthmakers had an amazing opportunity to reach out and assist the Barn swallows baby shelter. This organization cares and rehabilitates abandoned babies through providing nutrition oriented care by combining medical treatments with a range of natural alternatives. It is a home that believes in one on one attention for each baby.

Vitamix, a trusted brand in blending technology sponsored 4 Vitamix machines with 2 dry jugs to the organization and we had the pleasure of delivering them to the home. (Add the text of the experience of delivering these machines – Colleen)

The Vitamix is excellent for making baby food, purees, sorbet, it warms up soup in seconds and is raw-friendly.

Currently Barn Swallows has two homes operating but the plan is to establish more countrywide especially in areas with the greatest need. This organization is more than just a baby shelter, they also have a  cookery school, Just Health, where regular presentation are held on Healthy Living.

For more information about this organization and how you can assist visit

Reaching out