What is in my food?
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I have always wondered how manufacturers manage to create foods with basically no “real” ingredients. Foods like fizzy drinks, crispy chips and sweets are mostly made from chemicals with just a little bit of foods found in nature, in some extreme cases none at all. Sometimes the only natural ingredient that you get is water, if you are lucky! Most of the ingredients used in processed foods are harmful to the body but most of us are unaware of just how bad these ingredients are, one of these ingredients that I came across is BVO or Brominated vegetable oil.

Brominated vegetable oil or BVO (E443) is a toxic chemical used in citrus flavoured fizzy drinks. Manufactured from plant oils that are reacted with bromine to produce an emulsifier that prevents the citrus oils in drinks from separating from the liquid. The element bromine has been found to have harmful effects on the thyroid by displacing iodine, which, increases the risk of birth defects and cancer, especially breast cancer. BVO is also associated with slow cognitive development, fatigue, abdominal pain and various skin disorders. Even though minimal quantities of BVO are used, frequent exposure can produce all these symptoms. No wonder this chemical is banned in countries including Europe, India and Japan.

freshly squeezed juices

The healthiest alternative is to become aware of the ingredients in the products that you eat and drink. Freshly squeezed homemade juices are the best substitute for fizzy drinks as they are made from fresh fruit and vegetable with no added chemicals. Drinking freshly extracted juice from a cold pressed-type juicer such as the Oscar juicer, you are assured that you are giving your body the most nutrition to function at its best.


Here is a list of other ingredients that you should look out for.


What is in my food?