Why love the Vitamix Super Blender?
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When it comes to blending quality, the Vitamix is in a league of its own. Not only is it the secret ingredient to creamy smoothies, nut butters, steaming hot soups, delicious soups and frozen ice creams and sorbets but it is the key ingredient for a healthier vibrant life. The Vitamix is a must have for you and your family because it offers you flexibility and versatility in one machine.

  • It is the smarter choice – A Vitamix lasts up to 3 x longer than the average blender. With a full 7 year warranty you will enjoy the best quality blends for a very very long time
  • Precise texture – The variable speed dials give you full control of your food, you can adjust the texture according to your taste buds,  from chunky salsa to creamy smoothies
  • Perfect flavour – with the power of 2 horses the flavour is extracted from each ingredient and blended to perfection to create great tasting blends
  • Cook smarter not harder – whether you want a hot soup, ice cream, a creamy nut butter or smoothie the Vitamix will do all this without any additional attachments.
  • Easy to use – Do the work of multiple kitchen appliances like hot soup without a stove. All in one super blender!

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