Magic Diet Pills Friend Or Foe
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Are diet pills just a gimmick or do they work?

In my many quests to lose weight, I have looked around for mother’s ‘little yellow pill’ or green, or pink or blue pill to give me a crutch and to make life easier. I didn’t want to have to stop eating tasty and fattening foods …. I enjoyed the taste of these foods and they made me feel happy and full when I ate them,  but not so happy when I looked in the mirror or tried to do up the zip of my jeans. The lure of the diet pill then became very strong. I remember one time many years ago there was a little purple pill that I took as an appetite suppressant that caused me to have heart palpitations, dry mouth and insomnia.  Even though it did take away my appetite slightly, I still ate with them plus had all these side effects. After this experience, thank goodness I have managed not to take any other kinds of appetite suppressants as I could easily have been one of these people that got ‘hooked’. However every time there is a new tablet and a new promise to let me retain my bad eating habits, I still hope  that maybe this is finally ‘the one’ and its going to be different this time.  I also want to point out something that I have noticed on all of these miracle pills, potions and lotions, there is a very very tiny sentence at the very bottom of the packaging, where you need a magnifying glass to read the text. This message reads “to be used in conjunction with a calorie (kilojoule)-controlled diet”.  If I could easily maintain a kilojoule-controlled diet, I would not need these pills in the first place! And believe me, if you don’t eat healthily, all the pills in the world are not going to help you lose weight long-term.

Excerpts from an article in Cosmopolitan magazine, July 2013.  ‘A natural weight-loss pill may seem a dream solution, but, recently, dangerous illegal substances have been detected in many popular brands. The FDA in the US has announced that 20 brands, including P57 Hoodia (advertised as containing ‘only real South African hoodia for maximum effectiveness’) were found to contain sibutramine – a prescription drug that should be used only under a doctor’s supervision because it increases the risk of stroke and heart attacks’.

‘In addition, prescription pills could be abused, and the problem has become worse because many pills can now be ordered on-line.  Side effects range from headaches, dizziness, jitters, nausea, constipation and diarrhoea to hair loss, loss of libido, vitamin deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems, liver damage, increased blood pressure and heart rate leading to heart failure, strokes and even death’.

‘Not only are diet pills dangerous, there’s little evidence to show significant long-term weight loss from existing prescription products…There is no such thing as a ‘fat buster’ or a significant effect on ‘metabolism’…… However, a pill will never be a treatment on its own – it will always have to go with portion control, healthy food choices and some daily physical activity.  Mostly the weight loss (if any) is as little as with a placebo. The adverts tell you differently, of course.  What these claim is a lie until proven otherwise. And be careful of famous people backing up the claims. The most likely reason they’re endorsing the product is not because it’s scientifically proven to work, but because it brings them financial gain.

The latest ‘diet pill’ to hit the market at present are tablets made from green coffee bean extract. There is a lot of speculation about this product at the moment, some people say its wonderful, other people warn about the intake of so much caffeine when taking the correct dosage tablet.  However, ultimately the weight loss results were no more than for someone who is on a correct eating lifestyle. The jury is out whether its worth putting all this extra caffeine and other unnecessary ingredients into your body, or rather just eat sensibly and healthily and lose the same amount of weight. Remember that if you try any new tablet or diet, you lose water first, and only lose fat after that, so the results of the some of the guinea pigs on the controversial Dr Oz show about green coffee bean extract, had only just really lost mainly water.

Magic Diet Pills Friend Or Foe

Dr Andy Gray, pharmacology lecturer at University of KZN says: ” Ask the tough questions about real evidence for effectiveness and safety. Don’t merely accept that something has been clinically proven”.

There have been quite a few instances over the years where companies have been ordered to take their tablets off the market for being ‘unsafe’ even though they had claimed their tablets were safe and had great results.  All marketing ploys to get us to spend our hard earned money on dangerous chemicals to put into our bodies.

“Remember: if an ad sounds too good to be true, it is”, says weight loss expert, Dr Luc Evenpoel. “There is no magic bullet”.


The bottom line here is that there is NO substitute for a calorie-controlled diet comprising of mainly vegetables (and that does not mean potatoes and tomato sauce), with limited quantities of fruit, to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Anyone offering you anything else is simply lying to you!!   I have finally realised this and hope you do too.

Start a new lifestyle the easy way by having a  green smoothie every day, made easily in a blender. Cutting down food portions helps as well. As for the ‘magic’ pills avoid them like the bubonic plague. Nothing worth having ever comes easily, exercise and remember to give your body what it needs and not what it wants.

Magic Diet Pills Friend Or Foe