Simply Green Juice Recipe
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Green juice is the best drink you could ever give your body and the best thing about this juice, it gives your body essential nutrients and vitamins and has excellent detox properties. You definitely have to try it for yourself!

Simply Green Juice

Simply Green Juice Recipe

½ Cucumber

1 apple

½ an inch of root ginger

1 handful spinach

½ lemon

What you will need

A chopping board

A good quality peeler

A good quality knife

A ‘slow’ juicer


Thoroughly wash your spinach to remove all the dirt on the leaves. Wash your apple, cucumber and lemon. Cut your apple and cucumber into smaller pieces so it fits into your juicer.

Cut your lemon into half and remove as much of the white (the pith) as you can

Peel the ginger root

Cut the spinach into smaller pieces. (Especially if using a vertical masticating juicer, to avoid the stringy bits getting stuck)

Slowly process the ingredients in your juicer, starting with the ginger and lemon, followed by the cucumber and the spinach and lastly the apple to help push the spinach through.


Yields 1 cup of juice. If you are making for more people adjust your ingredient quantities.

Juice tip: This juice is delicious served cold. Add a handful of ice into a jug and pour the juice over the ice to chill.


This juice contains a good amount of potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium iron, copper and folate. All essential nutrients and Vitamins that your body needs

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Simply Green Juice Recipe