Sauerkraut with an Oscar Juicer
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Sauerkraut with an Oscar JuicerI saw this method of making sauerkraut with the Oscar juicer ,so since I had a nice organic cabbage in the garden I gave it a try. By the way it was a truly organic cabbage with slugs and all that the chickens just loved. The sauerkraut took only 3 days to ferment; It is ready and delicious.



1 cabbage

1 small onion

1 clove garlic, small

⅓ teaspoon celery seed

⅓ teaspoon caraway seed

2 level teaspoons salt

1 capsule probiotic


How to

1. With the blank screen, process the onion and cabbage. Add the probiotic,

celery and caraway seeds and the salt into the processed cabbage and oinion

and mix well.

2. Place into a jar with a breather.

3. Push the cabbage down and cover with e.g. a piece of cabbage leaf to keep

the cabbage under the water.

4. The cabbage should be fermented within about 3 days. When it tastes right

remove the breather lid and replace with an ordinary lid and refrigerate.

Sauerkraut with an Oscar Juicer