White Bread! Good or Bad?
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How much money do you spend on bread a week, every month or every year? Do you know what you are paying for? Most people eat bread on a daily basis, and for many, bread forms a part of their staple diet.  Until recently I thought bread was ok to eat but now I am not sure, it seems like it could pose a serious health risk, especially since it is now being made with genetically modified ingredients.   The dangers of store-bought bread were quickly noticed in other countries; South Africa however, did not catch on, until recently. The African Centre for Biosafety submitted samples of white bread sold in shops around the country, to a GMO testing facility.  This test focused on whether we are given enough information to make a sound decision about the food we eat. The results are not only scary and appalling, but they are also a true indication of how food has changed over the years. Without our approval, government has permitted Monsanto to trade in genetically modified seed. Permitting the use of toxic chemicals such as Roundup. Impacting the environment and us.  Imagine that all the time we thought governments had our best interests at heart. The worst part is that the labeling is deceiving, such as Woolworths who label the bread ‘may be genetically modified’ which is not correct as every company whether their bread contains GMO’s or not.

White bread brand GM content in Soya Produce by Labelled as
Checkers white bread 91.09% Shoprite holdings No GM label (No ingredients labelled)
Woolworths white bread 85.62% Woolworths May be Genetically modified
Spar white bread 72.69% Spar No GM label (No ingredients labelled)
Blue ribbon white bread 64.9% Premier foods Not labelled
Pick ‘n Pay white bread 42.82% Pick n Pay Not labelled
Albany Superior white bread 23.23% Tiger Brands Not labelled
Sunbake white bread 20.46% Foodcorp Not labelled
Sasko white bread So low as to be unquantifiable Pioneer foods Produced using genetic modification


Genetically modified soya is harmful to the human body. Research shows that Genetically modified foods are linked to serious health problems such as allergies, the development of cancer tumors, infertility and birth defects.  GMO’s are also sprayed with dangerous herbicides such as glyphosate, which has been implicated in kidney disease among adults.

Apart from bread, specifically white bread, being genetically modified, white bread can be classified as “dead bread” all the properties needed for the bread to be nutritious are stripped off.


  • White bread has no fibre.
  • To get that crisp white colour the flour has to be bleached with chemicals, and of course we are not informed of the side effects of these chemicals.
  • During the bleaching process all the nutrients are lost.
  • Store bought bread is stuffed with preservatives to increase its shelf life.

How does this affect your body?

  • White bread contains gluten, a protein which causes digestive issues such, bloating, fatigue and in some cases stomach cramps. For people suffering from asthma gluten, and all the additives and chemicals added aggravate the condition. Gluten as the name indicates is a glue like substance which is mucus forming in the body. Too much mucus in the body prevents the absorption of nutrients and toxins can’t get out.
  • White bread has no fibre, therefore it is hard to digest which causes constipation and bloating.
  • Commercial white bread contains sugar. Sugar is the main leading cause of obesity
  • White bread is highly acidic. An acidic body is a breeding ground for illnesses, as bacteria, yeast, fungus and mould thrive in such an environment.

All this is not only limited to white bread, but also all types of wheat bread including, refined rolls, croissants, bagels pizza crust and the list goes on. We cannot rely on truthful labeling as this is not happening. Just because most of us were given white bread sandwiches for school does not mean that we should ignore the dangers of eating white bread and not make a healthy change. A safer option would be to make your own bread and crackers at home using either a breadmaker or a dehydrator.

White Bread Good or Bad