Vegan Yoghurt Recipe
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Vegan Yoghurt RecipeWell I never thought I would see the day that I could go back to yoghurt and it would have nothing to do with animals. And I wasn’t even looking for yoghurt when I came across this fascinatingly simple method of making the yoghurt, and the starter was even more fascinating. At first I thought it was crazy, but then I put the pieces together and it all made sense.

What I am going on about is making yoghurt with soaked cashew nuts and using the stems of green chillies as the starter. Yes, you heard me correctly. The recipe is amazingly simple and like all yoghurt takes some time, more or less depending on the weather for the yoghurt to cure. The chilli ‘crowns’ as they are known contain the friendly ‘bugs’ that will turn the cashew cream into yoghurt.


Soak one cup of cashew nuts for about 6 hours (over day or over night)

Blend the soaked nuts with 2 cups of water until quite smooth.

Pour this into a convenient sized glass bowl.

For the starter: 

Wash about 15 chillies, then pull the stalk and cap off and drop straight into the cashew cream. (Definitely do not wash these stalks again)

Cover the bowl and leave to turn to yoghurt. This will take anything from 5-6 hours in warm weather to a couple of days if the temperature where you are going to store the yoghurt is cold.

When the yoghurt has a slight buzz on the tongue it is ready. It might require a little more sour and for this you can add one tablespoon of lemon juice.

I have not had time to check how long this yoghurt will last in the fridge but I could say conservatively a week. By the way it is so delicious that it is unlikely to last that long.

Note: To make more of this yoghurt you can keep a few tablespoons as your starter for the next batch and will only have to resort to the chillies if you leave a long enough gap between batches.

Warning: this yoghurt is addictive 🙂

Vegan Yoghurt Recipe