Pawpaw Tomato Basil Smoothie
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It was a VERY cold winter night and after I had got myself snug by the fire I was VERY reluctant to go into the freezing cold kitchen to make dinner. It got later and later and eventually I figured I needed to make something for dinner. Then it grabbed me! I saw the pawpaw all conveniently cut up in the fridge and looked into my special smoothie recipe book, and there it was – Pawpaw, tomato and basil. I could visualize the ease in which dinner would be served.
It was simply delicious.

Here is the recipe.

Pawpaw Tomato Basil Smoothie

1 Cup pawpaw (papaya)
1½ Cups cut up tomato
1 Cup water
1 Small handful of fresh basil leaves
A dash of olive oil
Salt to taste

Blend and serve in an attractive glass.
I blended mine in the 0,9 litre jug of the Vita-Mix

Pawpaw Tomato Basil Smoothie