The juice lady's turbo diet
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The juice lady's turbo diet

Obesity is a growing epidemic around the world. It causes high levels of strokes, fatigue and heart conditions, and this also includes health problems in all age groups. Fast food restaurants keep on mushrooming all over the world and the many of the food portions are super-sized and sold at  a very cheap price in some countries.  This is wreaking havoc in families, communities and society at large.

Is there a solution for this? Can we take our health into our own hands? Can we live a life that seems imagined?.Yes! This is what I found fascinating about the Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet book. The author uses a realistic, casual, easy-going but straight- to-the-point approach in writing this book. It is not only about losing weight but also about substituting unhealthy food that you love with healthier options, which give you the necessary sugars and nutrients to eliminate the cravings that cause obesity in the first place. The secret? A glass of juice, with the right combination of fruits and vegetables, contains all the nutrients that you need. In the book she explains why juicing is better than any other method to obtain all the necessary nutrients. Using a juicer to press the juice from the fruits and vegetables results in juice being pre-digested, which is absorbed quickly into the body and the essential nutrients are distributed to different parts of the body. As the food is ingested in a liquid format, cutting down digestion time by half, providing  you with more energy and leaving you satisfied  for longer. There are many other important factors covered in this book which the author tackles – she also looks at why we eat and the different types of eaters, attacking the problem right at its core. There 3 types of eaters. Emotional Eaters, Binge Eaters and Food Addicts. She breaks down these types of eaters and comes up with practical working solutions on how to switch to a healthier way of eating. The other issue she addresses is how to enjoy exercising by doing fun exercise methods that rejuvenate the body, while not being strenuous. This book is a definite must add to your collection as it offers a healthier alternative for complete body functioning in the 21st century.

About the Author

Cherrie Calbom Bastyr University Masters of science degree graduate specializing in nutrition. She is commonly known as “The Juice Lady” due to her extensive work in juice therapy and health. She has written 21 books to date. She has been featured in numerous TV production and magazines. These include “WCBS’s Live From The Couch “ TBN’s Its Supernatural with Sid Roth” “Charisma Magazine” Womans World”and in “ First for Women” an article on green juice as the #1 fat cure, co-written with doctor Mehmet Oz. She is also known as George Foreman’s nutritionist and the other spokesperson for the George Foreman grills.

What others have said

“I hate diet/ nutrition books with too much fluff. I love good instructions, meal plans and recipes. This book has it. Of course, they are several chapters of all the positive re-enforcement and general info, but it is written well, and chapters with actual plans are easily found.”

Anna- Amazon

“I got this book right after it came out. At the time I was considering doing one of my semi annual juice fasts but kind of wary because while that used to take off a good six pounds or so every time, the last couple of times I didn’t lose anything. Depressing! The book I used for my regular fasting is D Paavo Airola’s book “ How to keep slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting” which is out of print but you can get online. So after skimming through the Juice Lady’s book I thought it would make a good transition diet after the juice fast. Sure enough, after a week on the juice fast I had lost 8 pounds. Then I transitioned into Cherie s diet. That way instead of feeling like I was giving up all the food I loved, I felt like “Oh good! I get to eat a real apple . I have tried several of her juice recipes and they are yummy. However soaked buckwheat groats …well it ended up in the trash. Wont be doing that one again! After one week of transitioning, I have not gained back a single pound ( which means I have really lost some, because after a week of Juice fasting there is nothing in your intestines and when you start eating again it fills up again, of course) I am not craving sugar, salt or anything but fruits and vegetables (living foods). I went to the grocery store yesterday, looked at all the nasty processed food and couldn’t make myself buy it. Did spend a lot of time in the produce department though.”

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The juice lady’s turbo diet