You are what you eat

In this BBC healthy eating and nutrition series, the shocking truth about what people eat, the consequences of what they eat and the solution to what they eat is discussed. Laura Barker is a mother of 2 and is morbidly obese at the age of 25. Her eldest daughter, who is only five, is already overweight for her age. Laura doesn’t cook, feeds her family takeaways and also drinks 12.5 litres of diet cola every week. Health expert Gillian McKeith is brought in to show Laura what her diet really looks like. Gillian McKeith is blunt and very frank in her approach to eating choices and health. Laura’s eating habits have taken their toll, she gets constant headaches, depression, constipation, and is always exhausted with no energy to play with her kids. Her addiction to acidic drinks has also resulted in insomnia.  Watch this documentary to see the positive improvements that occurred in Laura’s life and, how a switch in her lifestyle choices, changed her life for the better.

You are what you eat