Consol Grip & Go Water Bottles
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Consol Grip & Go Water Bottles

Consol Grip and Go Water Bottles

Whether its juice, tea or water, we all have a beverage that we enjoy drinking. Mostly we use cups and mugs but when on the go, bottles are what make life easy. I have seen so many on the markets, mostly made out of plastic. Before I read up on plastic, I thought plastic bottles were the best option, while in reality they put life at risk. Drinking out of a glass container rather than a plastic one is much healthier, especially when having read up about most plastic containers which have BPA, and the havoc it wreaks in your body. (Wikipedia states, Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor which can mimic estroegen and has been shown to cause negative health effects in animal studies). More specifically, Bisphenol A closely mimics the structure and function of the hormone estradiol, with the ability to bind to and activate the same estroegen receptor as the natural hormone. Early developmental stages appear to be the period of greatest sensitivity to its effects, and some studies have linked pre-natal exposure to later physical and neurological difficulties. Regulatory bodies have determined safety levels for humans, but those safety levels are currently being questioned or are under review as a result of new scientific studies. A 2011 study that investigated the number of chemicals pregnant women are exposed to in the USA, found BPA in 96% of women . Consol Glass has now introduced trendy and stylish glass containers – the latest addition being the Grip & Go multi-purpose glass bottle. This 500 ml glass container has a curvy shape, and comes with a coloured silicone sleeve, and a silver lid lined with the same colour as the sleeve, making it suitable for all lifestyles.  The great thing about this bottle is that you can use it for water, juice or milk, without having to worry about a clash of flavours. Flavours do not impregnate the glass, so you retain each distinct flavour every time you use your bottle. Moreover, glass does not deteriorate, stain or fade – making this a ‘must have’ for every member of the household. Keep your drinks fresher, cooler and tastier for longer, while retaining all the nutritional benefits. Consol Grip and Go Water Bottles


This bottle is a true accessory that you can use creatively. Here are a few suggestions as to what you can do with it:

  • At a garden party, baby shower or wedding – these are great to use for beverages and can double up as party favours, attached with a little thank you note to the neck of the bottle.
  • At the gym, simply fill up with your favourite energy drink or water, and enjoy your active lifestyle.
  • For kids’ lunches, the Grip & Go is completely leak-proof, easy to clean and is a healthier alternative for little ones, who are more exposed to the effects of BPA plastic bottles. The fact that its only 500 ml makes it easier to carry around.
  • Take the bottle to work and any other place you visit. The stylish shape and colour is sure to be an eye-catcher.

Why glass?

  • Dangerous chemicals are not released from the bottle into the liquid being ingested.
  • Glass goes beyond BPA-free as absolutely no hazardous chemicals are found in glass and while many plastic bottles are BPA-free, they do contain other chemicals.
  • Glass has no smell and no taste.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

When it comes to your health, both short and long term, you should invest in the best products. Grip & Go gets a definite thumbs up from me.