Wendi Dee Raw fully Beautiful
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Wendi Dee Raw fully BeautifulObesity is something that affects us all. Either we have weight issues personally or we know someone who has been struggling to loose weight and has tried every diet plan available on the market, and they are quite a number of them, all promising that ‘you will look your best in next to no time at all’. If these diets were as successful as they claimed then the issue of obesity and all the complicated health issues that accompany it, would not be this severe. There is one very small element that is overlooked when it comes to obesity. Loosing weight should never be the main goal, because once you achieve that your motivation will be lost, making it easy to gain all the weight back. What is important is to eat healthy food and the by-product be weight loss. This becomes a lifestyle and not just a 3 month or 6 month stint.

How can this be done you might wonder, first and foremost you have to look at what’s currently on your plate, going into your mouth on a daily basis. Is it building your body or causing more harm to it? The raw lifestyle has been proven time and time again to be the best eating plan for mankind. It has amazing benefits for a healthy mind, body and soul. One person who has benefited from this lifestyle is Wendy Dee who was vegetarian/ vegan growing up, but still struggled with weight issues. Here is her story:


Wendi Dee Raw fully Beautiful

“One day, when I was writing down the things that were and weren’t positive in mylife (a habit I got into when I was in my early 20s), deciding what I’d be changing in order to feel more fulfilled, my intuition spoke so loudly that I couldn’t ignore it. I knew it was time to follow a raw food diet. I don’t recall when I learned about eating raw foods; I think eating only fresh-picked foods is probably information that we already have stored inside ourselves from the moment we are born.

However, we are raised eating cooked foods and we lose our innate ability to know what is truly best for our bodies. I had sampled a raw food diet years before with an equally health-conscious friend (who has continually inspired me along this path), but I didn’t stick to it for very long. It was too upsetting for my husband and daughter, who both felt they were missing out on a lot. Even though I went back to cooked foods, deep inside I knew that eating raw foods was a completely natural and common sense way of eating. So, when my intuition told me it was time to eat only raw foods, I followed my inner wisdom and slowly transitioned to a completely raw diet.


My plan was to go “raw” for one full year, to see if it would improve my health. I told myself that if it didn’t work, I was going to let everyone know. After all, everything I ever read about eating raw foods said it would work for everyone. Intuitively, I couldn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. However, eating cooked vegan foods seemed to make a lot of sense to me, too, in the past. So, there was still a tiny grain of doubt about whether the raw food diet would work, or not. I decided I was going to experiment and see what happened. I set my goal for one full year of consuming only 100% raw, vegan foods after slowly transitioning to the diet. That was the first raw food step on my already existing life-long path to becoming a healthier, fulfilled individual.

Wendi Dee Raw fully BeautifulAs you have probably guessed, consuming only raw foods did work. It worked so well, in fact, that I feel healthier now than I have my entire life. Others have witnessed my transformation and have been amazed along with me. Most days I feel ecstatic at how something so common sense and natural has been here all along for all of us! Most of us just never thought to eat the way that nature intended”

Wendi’s biggest motivator is love. Loving yourself enough to take care of your body the  best way available. When you take care of yourself the way nature intended, everything else falls into place. On her website she shares her secrets to how to deal with craving and what to do if you don’t ‘feel’ satisfied on a raw diet and many more useful tips on how to adapt to a raw food lifestyle.

Making a lifestyle change is never easy, but when it is for the best then it is worth putting all your effort and energy into it. Some people can read just one post and make the choice instantly and change their lifestyle forever, others need to wean themselves off cooked food. However you start, the raw lifestyle will let you see life differently, from a health perspective. To be successful at this you will need the right equipment such as blendersjuicers and dehydrators and the recipes to go with this. Healthmakers offers all this and the necessary guidelines to assist you with a better, healthier you.

Wendi Dee Raw fully Beautiful