Peoples Pops Book Review
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Peoples Pops Book Reviewpeople’s pops‘ gives you a new perspective on ice lollies.  Written by three friends who founded ‘peoples pops’ in 2008,  they have combined their secrets and trademark recipes into one book.  I must say the authors definitely do not use a ‘traditional’ approach to making ice lollies. The combination of ingredients is different and unexpected, taking your taste buds on a tantalising adventure of flavour and aroma.

This hardcover A5 book is filled with beautiful images of fruit and ready-made lollies. The equipment used is very basic, although you would have to invest in a quality food processor if you don’t have one.  The secret to any good ice lolly is the puree with the right amount of syrup.   A recipe for the syrup is provided at the beginning of the book consisting of sugar and water, however if you are more health conscious, rather use honey or agave nectar.  There are over 50 recipes that are divided according to fresh local produce available in a specific seasons.  I very much like that the ingredient list is not long at all, no recipe goes over 6 ingredients.  The ingredients used are common ones that you should be able to find in most local supermarkets. The instructions are very clear, unassuming and precise.

The last section of the book shows how to make your own tasty shaved ice. This is one task that I always thought was time consuming, but its actually quite simple and quick. With a good blender you can make your own ice slushie. The authors look at information that can easily be overlooked such as adding a liquid into the blender before adding ice, to avoid damaging it.  Its this kind of fine detail that makes this book the right DIY ice lollies manual.

Peoples Pops Book Review

Peoples Pops Book Review











The different flavour combinations include blueberry and buttermilk, apricot and lavender and the one that peaked my curiosity the most,  peach and jalapeno.  Now I usually like sticking to what I am used to, but these lollies definitely are worth a try and I am looking forward to experimenting and seeing for myself why American celebrity chef, Rachel Ray  says “these ice pops are my favourite food on a stick”

About the Authors

Nathalie Jordi, Joel Horowitz and David Carrell founded people pops in 2008, a business they still run together.

Peoples Pops Book Review