A Night Out Vegetarian Style
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A Night Out Vegetarian StyleIt all started in the office one afternoon.  I made a joke about experiencing a vegetarian pizza evening at Colleen’s house.  Knowing Colleen, she made an even better suggestion – a night out at a Chinese restaurant for a meat-free evening. My first reaction was…….WHAT, NO MEAT ???

Don’t get me wrong, we live in a very small town, basically a one street town, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains, fresh air and lush green grass and trees, in summer,  a night out was just what we needed…..

Colleen set the date and we all agreed, dinner vegetarian-style at the Chinese Restaurant in Newcastle (50 kms away).  I was super excited as this was going to be a FIRST for me, as my husband is a Boer –  vleis, rys en aartapples, and, on top of that, he is a hunter so yes, you can just imagine……

I must admit I was very skeptical about this whole vegetarian dinner. My first thought was…. Am I going to be full after dinner?  Maybe I must travel on my own so if I’m still hungry afterwards, I can zoom into Mac D’s (Mc Donald’s) and scoff something on the way home.  (I can feel Colleen’s ‘oog’ watching me at this bad choice of food, she only needs to look at you a certain way and then you know!)

We arrived at our destination, hungry and excited.  Michael had pre-ordered our dishes so there was no need to wait.  This is what we were served:

Starter: Seaweed and cucumber with a sweet & chili sauce –everyone just stared as this dish was unknown and very weird looking.  The seaweed was unusual but you could taste the saltiness of the sea.  The cucumber was sliced skew in a different way to normal and the skin was removed and it tasted fresh with a burst of chili, with an after taste of sweet coolness.

A Night Out Vegetarian Style

A Night Out Vegetarian Style








Second was a Watery Chinese Soup with vegetables, ginger, tofu and chinese mushroom. The taste was a bit bland with no salt, but I did not add any as wanted to enjoy the soup as intended.

A Night Out Vegetarian Style
Main Course:  Fried tofu in a chilli sauce, eggplant, mixed vegetables with chinese cabbage, pigs ears (seaweed), bamboo shoots and  chinese mushrooms, Pakchoi – and Chinese sticky fluffy rice.

A Night Out Vegetarian Style


As the plates of food arrived my senses sharpened and my eyes got bigger, I LOVED the colours of the food, the smell, the textures were unbelievable and the taste was an explosion of oriental flavours in my mouth. The veggies were firm and crunchy as if just harvested, fresh from the earth…

A Night Out Vegetarian Style

This was a time of spirited team-building, getting all our staff together as a family!  Trying tofu for the first time was lovely, I  wolfed it down, so my experience here was – you don’t have to eat meat every time, there are many delicious alternatives for proteins.

Have you ever tried to eat with chopsticks? Some of our team members had no idea how to use chopsticks,watching my team members try was one of the funniest experiences.I had such a laugh, this definitely proved that  eating chinese food is an art. You wont even believe it, but I never made it to Mc D’s, the variety that we had was more than enough. We even had left overs, enough for an entire meal.

I am definitely hooked on this new eating experience and will enjoy vegetarian cuisine again soon, only question here, how do I get my Boer Hunter Hubby to join me?? Once again A BIG THANK YOU to Colleen and Michael for always giving good advice on healthy food choices and always being there to listen.

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A Night Out Vegetarian Style