Food Matters Video and Review
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Food Matters Video and Review

If you are interested in your health you need to watch this movie!


The issue of food is a very controversial one.  Most people are emotional about what they eat because of how it makes them feel.  What is not being understood is that we do not eat only to feel great, we eat to give our bodies the vitamins and nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.  When the body is provided with the wrong types of food,  a long list of unhealthy medical conditions will soon follow, which will result  in prescribed medications that make the situation worse.  This is where a documentary like ‘Foodmatters’ becomes a ‘must see’. The film-makers have truly outdone themselves with this film;  together with a panel of nutritionists and naturopaths, they reveal shocking facts about food that are extremely eye opening. You will realise that what you eat literally makes your lifestyle, so if you are always at the doctor, sick in bed and letting life pass you by, the first thing you should look at is what is on your plate.

Food is the main cause of illnesses such as heart problems, cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All over the world hospitals are full of sick patients and people are dying daily from these diseases. The more people being admitted into hospitals, the better looking are the bank balances of drug companies and medical doctors. Doctors who graduate from university are taught so little about nutrition that they do not know how to advise people and keep on pumping them with drugs.

There is a solution to the illnesses and aches that are on the increase daily – the solution is to take care of yourself. Choose what goes into your body carefully, make sure that it helps heal the body and not harm it. At the end of the day…Food really does matter.





Food Matters Video and Review