The FLOW Water Bottles
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The FLOW Water BottlesThere are thousands of water bottles on the market. Since summer is almost upon us, it is a good idea to invest in one for yourself and family members. Hydration is very very important as temperatures begin to rise. Choosing the right water container is as important as keeping hydrated, most people (myself included) are guilty of buying a water container just because it looks good, trendy, and is inexpensive.

My wake up call came when I began researching the different types of plastic and chemicals used to create these containers. The biggest and baddest of the chemicals is BPA ( Bisphenol A). BPA is a chemical used to make plastic. It is found in polycarbonate food storage and water containers. When BPA plastic comes into contact with a liquid such as water it seeps into the water which is then transferred to the body through drinking. Health concerns associated with BPA include hormonal disruption, an increased risk in cancer, fertility problems, and birth defects. The FDA has banned BPA in baby bottles – that is how serious the issue is. Scary huh!

With all this information I knew that I had to find a safer alternative. One of my best finds was the 800 ml Flow Energy Water bottle. Flow literally translates For the Love of Water. This is a bottle like no other, its chambers are treated with tri-vortex energy. What is tri-vortex energy? It is a unique type of energy that charges the water molecule so it has reduced stress and chaos, resulting in clean, fresh water. FLOW bottles are  BPA- free and made from 100% food grade stainless steel. It is designed with a stylish pout that makes drinking water on the go easy and effortless. Due to the fact that these are not made from plastics, different flavours do not impregnate on the bottle. So whether it is milk,tea, juice or water, you retain each distinct flavour. And besides, there is something very unsettling about tea-flavoured juice – with a plastic container, no matter how many times you rinse the container, you still find traces of the previous flavour in your current drink.

Why this water bottle?

  • Its a trendy and stylish design
  • The  nozzle or water cap is made from BPA free polypropylene
  • It is easy to clean
  • It does not retain flavours.
  • Its BPA Free
  • Its good for the environment. For each bottle sold, FLOW donates a percentage of the money to water developmental projects, promoting worldwide recognition of the precious resource, water.
  • Flow water bottles are treated with tri-vortex energy. This is indicated by the butterfly engraving on the bottle. Tri-vortex technology uses sound to mimic nature’s waves, assisting the water molecule to revert to its original form, as found in nature. This is the best type of water to drink as it hydrates at a cellular level. The water is of an improved quality and has a more natural taste. Tri-vortex technology creates a balanced coherent energy which has a calming effect on the body.
  • Container is eco-friendly and recyclable

The water available to drink is in such a poor condition that it needs to be filtered and cleaned for it to cause more good than harm in the body. Municipal water is rich in chlorine and small bacteria. These all need to be filtered out to get fresh clean water. A combination of that and a proper water bottle will result in you providing your body with the water it craves and needs. Healthmakers offers a wide range of BPA-free bottles such as the Consol grip n go, Klean Kanteen bottle and the blender bottles. When it comes to your health, there shouldn’t be any compromise.

Water is life, next to air it is the most important element to human life so remember to drink your 6-8 glasses of clean fresh water daily.

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The FLOW Water Bottles