List of GMO Products

List of GMO ProductsList of GMO Products

Healthmaker says No to GMO – Do you?
Add products that you know contain GMO’s

Healthmakers, in support of the the worldwide pressure to stop GMO foods and at the least have them clearly labelled is creating a list of products known to contain GMO produce or derivatives of GMO produce.
There are many products on our shelves which could contain GM soya or maize, canola oil. This could include products such as, baby foods, porridge, chocolate, crisps, corn flakes, soy milks, maize meal, soy milk powders, bread, vegetarian soya products,  and many more.

How to Add GMO Products to this list:

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  4. Add products that you know contain GMO’s by commenting below. Please state the source of your information e,g, The website, or if it is on the product label etc.
  5. That’s it! We will list your products.


Watch this list grow

Bokomo’s Wheat Free Pronutro11 May 201390.36% GM maize & 71.42% GM soya




Futurelife 11 May 2013 100% GM maize & 36.13% of GM soya.
Purity’s Cream of Maize 11 May 2013 tested positive 56.25% GM maize
Purity’s Purity Baby First 11 May 2013 tested positive 71.47% GM maize
Bokomo’s Wheat Free Pronutro 11 May 2013 90.36% GM maize & 71.42% GM soya
Milk 11 May 2013 Dept, Agriculture permits use of rBGH/rBST
Bokomo Corn Flakes 11 May 2013 Tested positive

Information obtained via product labels and sources as stated.

July 2014 Update

Futurelife Brand Manager David Sweidan advised us that they moved to NonGMO in their product Futurelife from May 2013.  Good news and thanks for the update David.


List of GMO Products List of GMO Products

List of GMO Products

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