GMOs Enslavement and Poverty
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“Seeds of Freedom” is a Documentary about the loss of biodiversity.

GMOs Enslavement and Poverty

In 1994 when the first commercial distribution of GMO seed became available the world was promised that this would alleviate poverty. Instead, it has put more money in the hands of the corporate giants like Monsanto, created more poverty in Third World and developing countries and destroyed the biodiverse seed banks.

While we live in a fools paradise, in First World conditions, thinking that our food safety and security is being taken care of, little do we know that it is being stolen from under our feet. Become empowered with knowledge so that you can resist the theft, on a grand scale, of the future food security of our children.

This film is dedicated to José Lutzenberger (Brazil)

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GMOs Enslavement and Poverty
Vandana Shiva in 2007.
Born Vandana Shiva
5 November 1952 (age 60)
Dehra DunUttar Pradesh(present-day Uttarakhand), India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater University of Guelph
University of Western Ontario
Occupation PhilosopherEnvironmentalist,Author
Religion Hindu
Awards Right Livelihood Award (1993)
Sydney Peace Prize (2010)


GMOs Enslavement and Poverty