Childhood Obesity Issues

Childhood Obesity IssuesI was recently at a hotel for a few days where trying to find vegetarian food proved to be a challenge. As a contrast we watched a young boy about 9 years old eating dinner and breakfast from the buffet over a couple of days. It was fascinating to see his choice of foods and how there was no intervention from his father who sat with him at every meal. Taking a look at his diet gave me an understanding of why children suffer from obesity.

Parents today seem to be afraid of their children, afraid to discipline them for fear of falling out of favour. I see 3 year olds that are telling their parents what they will and will not eat. Vegetables are just not on their menu. What the parents are not understanding is that they are responsible for the consequences of a bad diet which are undoubtedly obesity, allergies, constipation, acid reflux, and ultimately heart disease, diabetes and cancer, especially colon cancer. Today, the parent of the children are eating the junk food too so what hope do the kids have.

This was this 9 year olds consumption at the dinner and breakfast table only, and did not include the snacks and drinks that he had during the day. Fortunately I was not exposed to that but my imagination can keep me going on that one.

Day One


First course: Rice, 2 slices of impala and 2 slices of dry bread

Second course: 2 potatoes, 3 slices of bread with butter and a Coke

Day Two


Melon, Cornflakes, milk and sugar, 2 slices of bread


2 slices of beef and 5 slices of bread

Day Three


1 croissant , 1 muffin, 2 slices of bread, Cornflakes, milk and sugar.

This is a typical sugar addiction diet where almost everything consumed is either sugar or converts into sugar. Not sure from where he was getting his 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

Childhood Obesity Issues