Family Dinners with Carnivores
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I was once told about one of the Hare Krishna Govindas restaurants in the US that celebrate Thanksgiving with vegetarian food and let the turkey run around as a symbol of kindness and consciousness for these animals that are killed to tantalize the taste buds in family celebration.

Family Dinners with CarnivoresSoon it will be Christmas, a time of family reunion and a time when gifts are given and Christians remember the birth of their Savior Jesus Christ. During these festivities little thought is given to the pain and suffering of the animals that are consumed for this celebration.

I recently opened my mail to find an email from Trevor Justice, the owner/Director of the Vegetarian Health Institute. It was a link to a Q and A call, “Enjoying Holidays With Carnivores”. The title fascinated and I could not resist clicking the click here now button to listen to this audio event.

Well if you have ever been a vegetarian you will know about having to endure those boring mealtimes with carnivores where the subject of your dietary choices is brought up with a myriad of questions, and unsolicited information about their dietary habits such as how little meat they eat or how they love meat and would never give it up. Like we are interested.

How entertaining this Q and A call was. I laughed my socks off at some points and took tips from the three long-time vegans Nomi Shannon, award winning author of the raw vegan recipe book ‘The Raw Gourmet‘ , Lara Adler,a certified holistic health coach and Roberta Schiff, co-author, with Roberta Kalechofsky of ‘The Vegetarian Shabbat Cookbook’, plus Trevor Justice answering all the questions that come up at these dinners.

How they deal with people who want a pick a fight with you (because you dont eat animals! how bizarre!), their opinion as to why meat eaters are so defensive, using these events as step one to someone living a healthier lifestyle, why you should organise your own meals prior to arriving at a carnivorous meal, and many more.

Vegetarian or not, knock of your shoes, put your feet up and enjoy this audio session.

Family Dinners with Carnivores