Breast Cancer Screening Shocking Facts
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I have always resisted having a mammogram because years ago I was already warned that the radiation actually contributes to breast cancer. Squashing the breast in the procedure actually increases the risk of cancer spreading or metastasizing an existing tumour.

In 1995, the Lancet wrote that “the benefit (of mammograms) is marginal, the harm caused is substantial, and the costs incurred are enormous.”

Breast Cancer Screening Shocking FactsSo what are the facts about breast cancer and who is actually benefitting financially from promoting mammograms. Is it the woman or the medical industry including doctors, surgeons, drug companies and private hospitals?

The analysis of a recent article by James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News reveals the following as facts:

  • More than two million women have their breasts screened for cancer each year in the UK and 48,000 (2,4%) of them are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Of these only 1307 or 2,7% are ‘saved’ by early detection leaving 46693 that do not benefit from early detection.
  • The disadvantage of breast screening is that more than 300% of those that are saved, 3,971 that are identified as having a tumour, receive unnecessary invasive treatments, surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy with considerable side effects for tumours that would never have been fatal.

Now with such shocking statistics, surely you would imaging that the cancer associations and the medical profession would stop advising woman to have mammograms. Well, I though they would, but then imagine how much money would be lost if two million woman in the UK alone stopped having mammograms and all those woman who had unnecessary procedures were left alone to live happy lives. The fact is that the cancer association and the medical profession continue to press women, with fear as a motivation with poor statistic of early warning benefits to have mammograms every 3 years.

I think woman are better off learning self examination of their breasts on a monthly basis. Here are some guidelines for BSE (breast self examination)

So, all these years later I still refrain from having mammograms.

Breast Cancer Screening Shocking Facts