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The dictionary describes sterols as “any of a group of naturally occurring unsaturated steroid alcohols, typically waxy solids”

Research has established that plant or phyto sterols offer numerous benefits


  • Blocking the absorption of dietary cholesterol by up to 50% causing the body to pull cholesterol from the blood to perform important jobs such as making hormones.
  • Fighting cancer. Sitosterols enhance the function of T-cells that attack cancer cells.
  • Playing an important part in the prevention of inflammatory and immune diseases – reduce inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein.
  • Modulating the function of T-cells by enhancing their cellular division and secretion of lymphokines thereby balancing the immune system.
  • The modulation of T-cell function also assist in combatting allergies by decreasing the specific immune factor, Interleukin4, that stimulates the allergic response
  • Reducing bowl disease such as Crohn’s and colitis by reducing generation of interleukin 4 and 2, interferon-gamma as well as T-cell proliferation.
  • Sitosterols enhance the function of T-cells that attack cancer cells.

Plant sterols are found in oils, nuts legumes, fruits, grains and vegetables.

The best sources of plant sterols in order of quantity in mg per 100mg of food are:

chart of sterols in food

Processing of sterol-rich foods damages or destroys the sterols. Sterol-rich foods  should be eaten in their most unrefined form for best results. Another important factor is that if sterol-rich foods are eaten with animal or dairy products their function will be concentrated on reducing the absorption of cholesterol and not on immune modulation.

Sterols may be taken as a supplement, however, they will naturally be available in a high- raw vegetarian diet.

Natures Super Nutrients