Growing Drinking Thriving With Wheatgrass
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Quote “Wheat grass contains more than one hundred food elements including every identified mineral and trace mineral and every vitamin in the B-complex family. It has one of the highest pro-vitamin A contents of any food, and is rich in vitamins C,E and K. Wheat grass juice is 25% protein, a higher percentage than in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, or beans.”

In addition, wheatgrass is chlorophyll-rich. That is the green in the grass which when juiced gives you the blood of the plant. Did you know that human blood’s haemoglobin is made up of oxygen carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen organised around a single atom of iron. Wheatgrass juice is exactly the same arrangement with the exception of the iron being replaced by magnesium.

Now, if someone offered you a supplement like this for a substantial price, you would grab it knowing that it is just the best.

Growing Drinking Thriving With Wheatgrass