Enforce Rights for Smoke Abused Children
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These were the tobacco executives that on 14 April 1994 swear, to the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, that nicotine is not addictive. Seems that although they knew that nicotine is addictive, they took the oath by way of using the interpretation of the word ADDICTION as their veil.

Enforce Rights for Smoke Abused Children

Tobacco  was considered addictive by the Royal College of Physicians in Britain as far back as 1962.  In 1977 the WHO classified tobacco dependence as a disease  the American Psychiatric Association followed suit in 1980. These were formal statements but for many years it was known that nicotine was addictive. There was a lot at stake. Governments all over the world were making loads of money via tobacco taxes, farmers in many Third World countries lived off tobacco and then there were the big boys, the major cigarette companies that were and still are making a fortune off the backs of smokers throughout the world.

Source – Stephen Crowley/The New York Times/Redux.

When you hear about the stringent control regarding such simple purchases such as suppositories, or the fact that you can’t by tablet such as Myprodol in Ireland (and other countries) without a prescription from a doctor. Sleeping tablets and anti-depressants are tightly controlled and yet you can buy cigarettes filled with not only nicotine but loads of other substances of which 69 are known carcinogens with no controls other than restricting their purchase to people over the age of 18.

I mean have you ever really looked at a smoker with fresh eyes. Just pretend that you have never seen anyone smoking before and for the first time you watch a smoker – Doesn’t it look just quite rediculous. Taking a stick-looking thing that is placed between the lips. Then placing fire at the end of the stick and sucking. Then suddenly there is a flood of smoke pouring out of the person’s mouth. This goes on for about 10 minutes and then the end of the stick (the filter – what a laugh) often gets disposed of by flicking it onto the ground or into a pot plant. Have you ever watched a chimp smoking? They look so funny that you just cant stop laughing. I think humans look just as funny. At the end of this ridiculous event the air in the room is quite polluted and the smoker is left wreaking of burnt tobacco.

Enforce Rights for Smoke Abused Children

It’s all very well to put warnings on packs of cigarettes about how smoking causes cancer etc., and to ban smoking in public places but what about those parents that smoke with their kids in the car or in their houses. Surely those kids are entitled to protection in the same way as they would be protected if they were being abused in some other way.The EPA states that: “Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke because they are still developing physically, have higher breathing rates than adults, and have little control over their indoor environments. Children exposed to high doses of secondhand smoke, such as those whose mothers smoke, run the greatest relative risk of experiencing damaging health effects.”Affects on children include: Asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. increased lower respiratory track infection such as pneumonia and bronchitis, middle ear infections, Lung Cancer and so many more day to day effects. THESE CHILDREN NEED PROTECTION from their parents. If children are subjected to parents with other addictions, they are often removed when they are abused. Why not take kids away from parents that smoke within 20 metres of children.

In days gone by when smoking was the accepted norm and people were permitted to smoke just anywhere, non-smokEnforce Rights for Smoke Abused Childreners had no voice and frankly became very complacent. There is still a hang over of this complacency. Smokers should be treated like those that have a highly contagious disease.

Have you ever, as a non-smoker gone to a restaurant on a lovely summers  day and gone to sit outside to enjoy the fresh air only to find that you get a faceful of  the pollution of someones sidestream smoke or the smoke that has freshly been processed through their lungs. Where are our rights?

This business of creating expensive facilities for smokers is going to be something we will look back on in disbelief, just as we cant imaging that there used to be ashtrays in public toilets, an ashtray behind every seat in the movies and on aeroplanes.

Enforce Rights for Smoke Abused Children

On a recent trip to Germany I was shocked to see that a large facility had been placed in the airport for smokers to rush into after they had alighted from a flight so that they could get their fix without delay. Sponsored by Camel – such a thoughtful and generous Company. This is just ludicrous.

Lets look at smoking through new eyes and place it where it belongs. Some people love walking around naked and we have created special beaches for them to do this. I personally think that people walking around naked would be less offensive and damaging than smokers. Time we got things in perspective.

Enforce Rights for Smoke Abused Children