Hand Powered Fresh Juice

The story of the Farre juicer. Healthmakers reviewed this great little juicer about 5 years ago and like it does with all the equipment that it Hand Powered Fresh Juiceimports, we gave it a thorough test. Being dedicated to our juicing we took it with us on a trip to Cape Town and juiced some carrots. The early model of this juicer did not have a G clamp resulting in all our carrot juice landing up on the floor because the table was not quite level. We immediately saw this as a problem and rejected this product. Earlier this year we reviewed the juicer again, now being supplied with a G-clamp and it worked perfectly.

Ordering in bulk we had to option of giving the Healthy Juicer an identity. Well, we threw names around and then my daughter Tammy suggested we use the maiden name of my Mother who at 96 passed on last year. The name Farre, pronounced Far was for us the perfect choice. I then did a search for the family crest. We extracted the trees from the crest making a very appropriate logo for the Farre Juicer.

Hand Powered Fresh JuiceThis juicer, is in my estimation, a great asset that is exceptionally suitable for juicing wheatgrass, and at the same time has the capacity to juice fruit and vegetables, if you have the capacity to turn the handle. Take  a look at her or an electric relative, the Oscar juicer that uses the same principle of juicing with a single auger.

Hand Powered Fresh Juice