Halls Tomato Cocktail

Halls Tomato CocktailHalls logo – The factory in the orchards – Sounds so healthy and homely. This sure is a cocktail of poison and the E numbers are an unknown unless you know them all in your head.
Tomato juice (cooked but not mentioned- this increases the acidity of tomato)
Sugar (another product with added sugar)
Flavourants – Now what would they be?
Worcester sauce (Commendable that they have broken down the ingredients in the sauce) Contains colourant E150 (Caramel)
Monosodium Glutamate as a flavour enhancer E621 (MSG) A known allergen and Not permitted in foods for infants and young children
Stabilizer (E415) That’s all they tell you – It is actually Xanthan Gum
Non nutritive sweetener: Sodium Cyclamate  E 952 This is Cyclamic Acid – Side Effects – Cancer and Migraine
Acesulfame K E950 – DANGEROUS – “Aspartame Products as a potential danger to infants, children and future generations” by Dr JH Roberts.   Read more
Flavour Enhancers (MORE!) E627 & E631  E627 = Disodiumguanylate & E631 = Disodium inosinate  – May trigger gout. Not permitted in foods for infants and young children
Now after all that Tiger Brands – one of the big boys in SA tells you this encouraging information. So if you were on a diet, had high blood pressure wouldn’t you, based on the following information think that this was a great product.
Calories = 110kJ = 1%
Sugars   =  1g = 1%
Fat = 0,0g =  0%
Saturates 0,0% = 0%
Salt 0,0g = 0%   So, if salt is the third ingredient on the list, how come it says that salt is 0,0grams.
Well I leave you to decide if this is a tomato cocktail that you would like to drink.
Halls Tomato Cocktail

Halls Tomato Cocktail

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