Avoid These Products
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Products that purport to be healthy or good for you by their label or advertising but if you took a closer look you would see how big business is pulling the wool over your eyes. READ THE LABELS!!!
Avoid These Products

For so many years, to be exact, over 27 year, I have been reading labels because being a vegetarian I want to avoid substances that are slipped into the most unlikely  products. Also, from a health perspective I avoid colourings, flavourings and preservatives. I find SO many products that seem good on the outside but when you see what’s in the inside it is quite a different story. Sometimes I read the ingredients of products that I consciously do not eat for one reason or another just to see what else they are made of. I am horrified that these products pass the lips of humans.

This  category is a list of the products that I have come across that are just smoke and mirrors and that I suggest you avoid at all costs.

Avoid These Products