Williams Sisters Win Gold On A Raw Vegan Diet

What good news it was for me this week to find out that the Williams sisters, Gold medal winners at the Olympics 2012 had both become raw vegans at the beginning of the year. What I did note was that the motivation for the change in diet for Venus was a battle with a little known autoimmune disorder – Sjögren’s (show-grens) syndrome. When allopathic medicine ran out of answers Venus chose to change her diet to raw vegan, including a lot of juicing and includes yoga in her exercise routine. Being so committed to each other, Serena also became a raw vegan in support of her sister.

Also this week, listening to an audio talk show I learn’t that there are over 600 million vegetarians in the world. It was certainly comforting to know that I am not alone as we sometimes feel when trying to find something as simple as a decent salad in most restaurants. Having travelled in India where menus offer a vegetarian menu with a section for meat-eaters one is,  as a vegetarian, subjected to a totally different comfort level.

Williams Sisters Win Gold On A Raw Vegan Diet