Simple Home Test For Common Allergens
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Allergy tests cost a fortune and are often quite time consuming and unpleasant.SNEEZERead on to find out how to do a simple test at home to find out what your allergens are.

Allergies and intolerance to foods, perfumes, cosmetics are so common these days. When I was a kid people seemed only be be allergic to pollen in the springtime. Generally, folk are more aware of allergies or intolerance to dairy, soya, maize and wheat than to the numerous other common foods that you could quite easily be allergic or intolerant to.

A common allergy is sesame which, can produce symptoms such as allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, asthma, urticaria and can even go as far as anaphylaxis. What in fact is an allergy? It is when the body has a severe reaction to the consumption of a substance e.g. shortness of breath, stomach pain, chest pain, diarrhea, rash, swelling and anaphylaxis. On the other hand food intolerance is more more of an inability to properly breakdown or digest  food. In a strange sort of way, it is easier to control allergies where you get a strong reaction than to handle intolerance.

An intolerance produces much more more broad based symptoms that are not so easily related to food. Examples are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain


So how do you figure out what you are allergic or intolerant to?  One of the cheapest methods of finding out what foods are good for you and which affect you negatively is to do some muscle testing. The body, when faced with the energy of  foods that do not agree with you, rushes to protect you causing muscle weakness.

Place a 3 or 5kg kettle bell on a surface that, when you lift it up with a straight arm your arm is horizontal. Depending on your size and strength select a weight that would be reasonably difficult to lift up. Now this is how you check for foods that your body has a negative reaction to:

Simple Home Test For Common Allergens


  1. Lift the kettle bell and observe how heavy it feels.
  2. Place some of the food you want to test in your other hand, or under your tongue if you are testing only a few foods.
  3. Lift the kettle bell again and once again observe how heavy it feels.

If the kettle bell feels slightly lighter, the food is very good for your body at that time. If it feels much the same as without holding the food then it is fine for you at that time. If however you find that the kettle bell is heavier to the point where you just cannot pick it up then take note that your body seriously does not want you to ingest that food. It might be a temporary reaction so test again in a week and a months time to see if you produce a consistent reaction.


Try these common allergens:

Cow’s milk
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds
Maize (corn)
Wheat gliadin
Egg White / Egg yolk
Soya beans
Kiwi fruit
Hazel Nuts
Brazil Nuts
Yeast (baking)
Yeast (brewers)
Cashew nuts

 Give it a try, you will be amazed.

Simple Home Test For Common Allergens