How to Recharge Ordinary Disposable Batteries

Note from Colleen Thornhill:
When one refers to a battery charger I usually think of those really expensive rechargeable batteries that are often sold together with the charger. So when I first saw this extraordinary product was so amazed that I thought it could perhaps be a hoax. Anyway, since I am a bit of a techno freak and I run a wireless mouse that seems to eat batteries for breakfast, I just could not resist buying it. I tell you, I was astounded to see how well it worked. The Eco-charger is a very unusual battery charger that charges ordinary bog standard penlight batteries, you know what I mean, Eveready Duracell, Flash, Energizer, the penlight size and those small skinny AAA batteries that you use in the TV remote.
What I did next, was to go around the house, and the office, and collect all the loose penlight batteries that were lying in drawers and in those little decorative bowls that when they are empty have that invitation fill me with bits and pieces. I was just astounded to see how many batteries I had actually paid for. It was then that I recalled reading about the environmental problems regarding disposing of batteries and started to multiply up, by adding my pile to your pile, and all the other piles, and in no time I could see the environmental problem. I took out the tester to see which of them were flat in slowly day by day began putting life back into all these old batteries. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise how much money I could save by recharging these standard batteries. I think the Eco-charger is a great buy and a contribution to the environment.

How to Recharge Ordinary Disposable Batteries

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