Making instant soups with a super blender
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One of the most popular uses of the super blender, is to make a tasty raw soup in the winter. So many times, like most of us, we rushed into the house arriving right on mealtime with nothing instant to  eat and not wishing to compromise by eating junk (which you don’t really find in my house anyway).

It takes approximately 4 1/2 min to make soup for 4 to 6 people with a super blender. I use the Vitamix to make my yummy instant soup. The recipe is flexible provided that you follow some simple rules. I would usually include

  • Carrot
  • Baby marrow
  • A slice of red pepper
  • One tomato
  • Spring onion or a slice of onion
  • A stick of celery with leaves
  • Stock (my choices is to use a stock with no MSG and chemical colours or flavourings)

 The method is really simple  and can be altered to suit your specific needs. For example if you are just looking for a hot raw soup then you would start with boiling water, add the vegetables and blend starting on low and building up to high. Blend for approximately 4 minutes by which time the soup should be really  hot.
If you prefer to have an entirely raw soup  you could start with cold water and process together with the vegetables and a raw stock or  you could just add Himalayan salt, Braggs Liquid Aminos or tamari.

To ensure the best flavours in your soups  please note:

  • Regular onion has a very pungent flavour when it is raw, so it is recommended that you do not put more than a slice of  onion in into the soup. Rather  use spring onion or some red onion which is a lot sweeter.
  • When using celery I do one of 2 (two) things. If the leaves from the stick I have selected are very dark, then I reduce the quantity of output into the soup because the very dark leaves a very strong in flavour and overwhelm the taste of the soup. Alternatively I might keep those leaves for juicing and use the lighter coloured leaves from the centre of the celery.
  • Taste the carrot before including it in your soup to make sure that it is not bitter. At some times of the year carrots can be quite bitter  when used raw and again this could influence the taste of your soup.
  • Unless you are familiar with the flavours of raw broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, I would keep the addition of any of these vegetables to a minimum as they can be very strong in favour and dominate the soup.
 To increase the thickness of the soup you can add a little cooked rice, lentils, beans  or potato.   Adding these cooked starches also reduces any froth  from developing on the top of the soup.
To vary the flavour of your soup, eliminate some of the vegetables and double up on others. For example to make a more tomato flavoured soup you can increase the number of tomatoes.
Although this is something I would never do, since I’m a vegetarian, and have far too much respect for animals, you can add cooked meat to the soup this is your preference.
Making instant soups with a super blender
This is an extremely nutritious meal and nobody can deny that this would knock the spots or fast food. If you are on a healthy weight loss programme inclusion of these super blender soups into your diet is one of the most nutritious ways of losing weight. This would be far and above the preference to using MSG laden watery packet soups as recommended by some diet programmes.  The super blender soups make you feel full and provides your body with the necessary nutrition from food that is raw, or as close to raw provides.
Remember that this is an all year round soup but especially welcoming in the winter when even as a raw fooder you might like to have something just a little warmer.

Making instant soups with a super blender