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University finds solution to global warming. It might affect you so read on!
It has long been known that the estimated 1,3 billion cattle are breathing out CO2 and blowing off methane at such a rate as to be serious contributors to global warming. Just in case you are not aware of the impact that global warming can have on the earth, just take this as an example of climate change. Africa will experience heat waves and serious drought on a continent that already short of water. Wars are being fought over oil. When will people start fighting over water, the source of all life on this planet?
The contribution of cattle to this problem has set New York University and Oxford University to seek a solution to this ever-growing problem. It has been suggested that livestock farming is contributing to a massive 51% of the greenhouse emissions (Goodland and Anhang 2009). Global warming is not going away unless something serious is done we are going to be in dire straits. In their paper they consider a new kind of solution called human engineering. This involves biomedical modifications to humans that will reduce the number of cattle contributing to the problem or measures to enable humans to adapt to climate change”
As a vegetarian, this is the part that made me laugh out loud. Basically the suggestion is to find a way of making people hate eating meat. The academics recognised that people lack the motivation and willpower to give up eating meat So have suggested that a more realistic option would be to induce chainsa mild intolerance to meat. this can be achieved by humans that currently eat meat to wear meet patches which would be akin to nicotine patches for smokers. These would stimulate the immune system against common bovine proteins causing the person to have an unpleasant experience and not want to eat meat.
The other bizarre suggestions that the academics made to reduce the demand for livestock were:

  • To make people smaller through hormone treatment and genetic engineering. Smaller people eat less than bigger people which means the consumption will be reduced
  • To make people smarter with the use of drugs. Generally smarter people have less children and this again means there will be less consumption.

The lead author of the paper, S. Matthew Liao indicated that these were just ideas to deal with climate change and he was not in favour of these ideas being enforced on anybody but rather for people to volunteer in the interests of climate change.
Well it seems that the impact on global warming by livestock is serious enough that ‘Meatless Monday’ is actually being taken on by top restaurants around the world. Public figures, film produces, actors, actresses and schools all standing behind this moral drive to save the planet. When I was a child it was a common practice for Catholics to abstain from meat on Friday and instead to eat fish. Projecting forward I can see that Mondays will be a day when people will find difficulty in eating meat publicly on Monday. That will be a day I for one look forward to!


  1. Elle Durow April 28, 2012 Reply

    Being a vegan myself, and realising that livestock for meat production contributes over 51% of greenhouse gases in the form of methane, nitrous-oxide and CO2 towards global warming, I cannot see people volunteering to wearing meat patches or taking hormones to make them smaller and thus reduce the consumption of meat.
    What is needed is a massive educational programme to educate people of the benefits of a healthy vegan diet both for themselves and for combatting global warming. The focus of theprogramme should be mainly on the health benefits that they will enjoy if they become vegans. Meat free Mondays is already working and people now need to be persuaded to extend it to the rest of the week.

  2. Jenny May 2, 2012 Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. I have found that the quickest way to antogonise people is to just casually mention that you can’t call yourself a conservationist if you eat meat.

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