Are GMO Products Safe For Babies

These multi nationals never fail to amaze me. The Mafia were like a nursery school party next to the likes of Monsanto and the sad part is that the general public actually live in ignorance and allow themselves to be manipulated.  GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) is really more frightening that you can imagine. This  playing God in the worst possible way. I mean mixing a grapefruit and a tangerine (kinda like a seedless naartjie) to get a Mineola is one thing, but when you start putting fish DNA into a tomato that is something else.

Where do you think GMO will take us?  Let your imagination run free!

Are GMO Products Safe For BabiesAre GMO Products Safe For Babies


What we are talking about is transgenic plants that have had genes inserted into them that are derived from another species. Most of the trans genetics is between plants and micro-organisms. Can you imagine creating this cross plant/animal freak that produces not one or two children but thousands. Just to equate with a lettuce with a count of  up to 1200 seeds in a single gram. So how do you reverse this in nature when you find they messed up? Surely if God thought it a good idea to mix species to ensure that there was enough money to feed the world it would have been done and Monsanto would not have to get involved. Is their motivation really an interest in feeding the world. Mmm, I think not. Perhaps pure financial greed is the motivation since there is evidence that there are no fewer starving people since the introduction of GMO.

Most people that I have spoken to think that hybridisation is Genetic Modification. Hybridised seed is where they cross plant seed and that is unnatural enough but not as horrific as genetic modification. To understand more about GMO watch this video.

So if the money hungry manipulators want to mess up the earth and create all these freak tomatoes, soya beans, maize, Cotton,
Did you know that GMO tomatoes were actually taken off the market due to commercial failure which means there was not enough money to be made. Alfalfa was banned but has been deregulated in the USA since 2011. While we happily move on with our busy lives focusing on paying the rent, educating our children, negotiating the traffic, deciding what to eat for dinner and all that modern life demands of us, we are not aware that the Monsantos of the world are changing our world an before we know it we are ignorantly eating their genetically modified creations. So what is being genetically modified and how is it affecting our lives. Well the most popular GMO products are soya and maize that are used in the manufacture of so many other products. About 9% of beetroot worldwide is GMO and rice is set for release in the USA in 2013. The moral of the story is that GMO is alive, well and growing. The best we can do is to DEMAND is to know whether what we are buying contains GMO products. This is currently being denied.

With so many concerns about the safety of GMO food the questions are:
1. Do you think that it is fair to sell Iwiza mielie meal Africans without them even knowing that the Maize Meal is Genetically Modified because the information is not on the label and the risks involved in consuming GMO food?
2. Do you think that it is fair for parents to innocently feed their children GMO foods because they are not labelled and because they do not understand the possible risks?

The African Centre for Biosafety sent samples to a Commercial Laboratory and this is the information that was reported;
FOOD PRODUCT Cerelac Infant Cereal contains 77.65% of GM maize (AND IS NOT LABELLED)
FOOD PRODUCT Bokomo Wheatfree Pronutro contains 90.36% GM maize and 71.42% GM Soya (AND IS NOT LABELLED)
FOOD PRODUCT Iwisa Maize Meal contains 66.18% GM Maize (AND IS NOT LABELLED)

For more information on ‘GM labelling in SA: the law demystified’ which you can download from the African Centre for Biosafety website
I you feel strongly about this then act immediately by sending an official complaint to the National Consumer Commissioner (NCC). You are within your rights to and are encouraged to send in official complaints of the three companies that are not complying with labelling. The Commissioner needs to get the message loud and clear from consumers that we know our rights and we will not be backing down.

Download the complains form that has mostly been completed on your behalf.


Complete and email the complaint form to



Are GMO Products Safe For Babies