Fallen Prices

On Special is about the only time you get a whiff of lower prices these days and tomorrow they bounce back to where they were and sometimes even higher.

What Healthmakers has done is unprecedented in these times.

Yes Fallen Prices is true!

And No, these are not Special Prices that will bounce back tomorrow.

BUT, with no control over the Rand/$ exchange rate these prices are always vulnerable to external conditions. So, if you were considering improving the health of yourself and your family by enjoying real wholefood smoothies, extracted veg/fruit juices, rawfood dehydrated delights, nutritious healing sprouts, clean,safe filtered water and the chance to breath air that has been processed to remove allergy and disease causing bacteria, virus and other pollutants…..don’t delay… go to www.healthmakers.co.za, sign-up for a Free downloadable Catalogue of all the products that will offer health, easy of use, excellent guarantees and most important the Healthmakers Approved Label. Invest in your health today rather than paying for disease tomorrow.

Take a look today prices have literally Fallen and remember that ‘Health is for Everyone’

Fallen Prices

Fallen Prices