Healthmakers In The Snow

The unusually bitter cold in Utrecht this 2011 winter finally crescendoed into snow last night. We expected this morning to offer little more than some cold slush but were pleasantly surprised to see huge flakes floating quietly and gently down from the light grey sky.
Since the taxi’s were not running, half our employees never made it to work and missed the fun an hilarity of building the snowman and the usual snowball fights.

Healthmakers In The SnowHealthmakers In The Snow

Healthmakers In The Snow

Healthmakers In The Snow

It is quite some years since we have seen good snow in Utrecht and I had forgotten just how extraordinarily beautiful everything looks when it is covered in a thick layer of fresh snow. The stillness is almost erie. The flakes continue to fall 14 hours later.

Healthmakers In The Snow

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  1. Avatar Rashaad Jul 26, 2011

    Hi Colleen. Yeah we also had some fun in the snow here in Newcastle. Its makes winter so special when there is snow.

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