Vitamix vs Hi-Blend / Omniblend – Colleen's Opinion

Message from Colleen

(Managing Partner at Healthmakers)

I went from a standard blender to the powerful might of the Vitamix Total Nutrition Center in 1995. Healthmakers became the agent for Vita-Mix Corp. in that same year and traded with the TNC (Total Nutrition Center) as the sole product of the Company, giving demonstrations all over the country. In 1999 we visited Vita-Mix Corp in the USA and learnt anything else that we perhaps did not know about what a Vitamix could do. I can confidently say that Michael and I became experts in regard to the use, operation, capabilities and repair of the Vitamix Super Blender.

Vitamix vs Hi-Blend / Omniblend - Colleen's Opinion
Colleen and Michael Demonstrating the Vitamix in 1999

Finally in 2010, 15 years later, after pounding the machine at demos making juice at fairs and at home, we donated the machine to a worthy friend to make place for the Vitamix 5200, confident in the knowledge that the Vita-Mix is truly a remarkable machine that stands head and shoulders above any other Super Blender that we have tested.

In 2005 we felt the need to find a Super Blender that we could price below that of the Vitamix and we brought in the Ice Tank. Due to lack of support from the Factory, in early 2008 we looked again for a replacement. Testing began on the new machine in ernest and there were days that I begged Michael to slow down on the harsh treatment he gave the blender in an attempt to break it. After a pounding for 6 months we imported our first shipment and started offering the Hi-Blend multi speed late in 2008. True to the testing, the Hi-Blend has stood the test of time. The Hi-Blend Multi Speed is also known as an Omniblend.
So, you might well ask, what is the real difference between a Vitamix and a Hi-Blend / Omniblend. From a technical perspective, the Vitamix now boasts the BPA-free jug whereas the Hi-Blend still offers the strong polycarbonate jug. The Hi-Blend / Omniblend offer a modern touchpad control with timer and 3 speeds or the switch control with variable and high speeds similar to the Vitamix. The Hi-Blend / Omiblend has a 3 HP motor compared to the 2 HP of the Vitamix which on the outside would appear to show that the Vitamix is inferior but when you look into the testing results it will be seen that input horsepower rating in isolation is not a benchmark for the creation of well blended material. The blades, well you have certainly noticed that the Hi-Blend / Omniblend is manufactured as a copy of the Vitamix BUT, somewhere in the patents that Vitamix hold is something that prevents anyone from copying their blades and this is what makes the difference between the processing with a Vitamix and any other Super Blender (see independent comparative test).
So, if you have never owned a Super Blender you will be thrilled with the performance of a Hi-Blend / Omniblend which is a great buy. However, having owned a Vitamix my advice is, if you can afford one, buy one.

Vitamix vs Hi-Blend / Omniblend – Colleen’s Opinion

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    Want to know if you high speed blender are the same than the Omni Blend V blender?

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