Evaluating Super Blender Horsepower Performance

Evaluating Super Blender Horsepower PerformanceHealthmakers receives numerous enquiries regarding the difference in power between the Super Blenders that we sell. The Vitamix blender has always had a 2 Hp motor that in my opinion has always performed above expectations. Competitor products such as the Hi-Blend / Omniblend and Blendtec have endeavoured to outsmart Vita-Mix by manufacturing their blenders with a 3Hp motor. And since the numbers go 1,2,3, we all seem to think that 3 is bigger than 2 so it must therefore be better.

Well, Vita-Mix had obviously had enough of this, and proceeded to do some extensive testing that proved conclusively that it is much more than input horsepower to create a great performing Super Blender.

Read the Statement by Vita-Mix Corp. here and form your own opinion.

Evaluating Super Blender Horsepower Performance