Go Green on Paddy’s Day

Go Green on Paddy's Day

St Patrick’s day came and went in my world without much recognition until my daughter Tammy came back to South Africa to join Healthmakers, after a 10 year stint in Ireland. So this year we will see how St Patrick’s day can be celebrated in a small and healthful way on this great big island of Africa.
The original reason for celebrating Paddy’s day is to commemorate the feast day of St Patrick who was a Christian missionary and who was later made the patron saint of Ireland. Today however it has become a colourful and lively joyous celebration marked by musical performers, floats in all the countries where the Irish have made their mark including, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, and South Africa.


If you would like  your friends to be Green with envy this St Patricks day then get going on growing some micro-greens.  With the versatile Easygreen you can grow anything from smallest alfalfa sprouts to large sprouts and micro-greens. You won’t need the luck of the Irish when you have an EasyGreen micro-farm. I placed some mung beans and clover seed into the Easygreen sprouter just 18 hours ago and already they are celebrating St Patrick’s day!Go Green on Paddy's Day

The clover is used as the Celtic tradition of honoring “3’s” has been around in Ireland for millennia.

Here are some things in life that come in three’s

3 leaf clovers

faith, hope and charity

past present and future

land sea and sky

the religious trinity and then there are So many things that are represented by 3’s like

3 cheers

3 blind mice

Go Green on Paddy's Day

3 is a crowd

3 R’s

3 muskateers

There are just so many of these 3’s  See how many more you can think of.

Getting back to the Easygreen Micro-farm, remember that at the end of the rainbow of your Easygreen mist sprayer you will find your pot of green gold.  Your family will be going through the sprouts and greens so fast that you might think that the tokoloshe are helping you to eat them but today, to be sure to be sure you can blame the leprechaun. On St Patrick’s day, if you are sprouting clover be sure to look fo a four-leafed clover and perhaps this year to celebrate Paddy’s Day swop your Guinness for a Green Smoothie.

Go Green on Paddy's Day

Happy St Patricks Day!

Go Green on Paddy’s Day