Fascinating Facts About Sugar

Fascinating Facts About Sugar

The average annual consumption of sugar in 1920 was about 4,5kg per person which, would equate to about 3 teaspoons (not heaped) of sugar per day. Currently the average consumption is said to be about 68kg per annum which equates to about 45 teaspoons of suger per day.

Before food was available in packets, tins and bottles we would have to consume unprocessed produce or process it ourselves by for example cooking it. It takes nearly 5 metres of sugar cane to produce a single unheaped teaspoon of sugar so can you imagine a human being chewing on 225 metres of sugar cane a day! To establish more reality about this, a 340 ml can of Coke has the sugar content of 84 metres of sugar cane. When we look at sugar from this perspective is its ludicrous to imaging that some people consume 2 litres of coke per day which is equal to over 100 teaspoons of sugar that requires about 500 metres of sugar cane.

Refined white sugar contains zero nutrients and it a fallacy that sugar gives you energy, that is why adverts making this claim were banned. Have you considered how much sugar you consume in a day? It is worthwhile to tab it up. You might be shocked into reducing your sugar intake.

When you are counting your sugar intake remember to count not only the actual teaspoons of sugar, but the canned drinks, candy bars , biscuits, sweets and cakes,hot drinks such as hot chocolate and sugar coated cereals. Without getting into too much detail try and figure about approximately how many metres of sugar cane you consume per day. Remember a candy  bar has about 7 teaspoons of sugar and 4 biscuits has about 3 teaspoons of sugar.

Let us know how you get on!

Fascinating Facts About Sugar