Meet Micro Organisms
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It’s what we call BUGS and GERMS. Actually, these hundreds of microbes, also known as micro-organisms that can only be viewed under a microscope are divided into: viruses, bacteria, fungi and single-cell parasites.

Meet Micro Organisms


Microbes that can only multiply and grow in a living cell. They can be potentially viable, but inactive, for widely varying lengths of time.


bacteria are single celled microbes that live independently. We have many hundreds of thousands of bacteria inside our bodies


These moulds or yeast-like plants can become parasites on your skin. Poor hygiene increases the possibility of mould fungi that live on nails, skin and hair.  These are the cause of  jock itch, scalp ringworm  and athlete’s foot, and yeast-like fungi can cause yeast infections and ora thrush.


Parasites are organisms that, live in or on another organism, and are supported by organism to the detriment of the host. It is important to clear yourself of parasites by taking a 30 day course of herbal capsules at least once a year, especially as we live in Africa where we are subject to loads of parasites. Parasites do not make their choice by social standing, race, colour or financial status – we are all subject to these organisms. For advise about safe parasite course of capsules email

Meet Micro Organisms