Ninos Frys Vegetarian

Having just noticed Wimpy’s move to make more accommodation to vegetarians, I was again surprised to find that Nino’s have changed their menu once again and this time to give vegetarians what they think we like to eat – meat substitutes.

Ninos Frys VegetarianNinos Frys Vegetarian

Nino’s from way back was one of the restaurants that one could enjoy a vegetarian snack then a few years ago they changed their menu and we noticed that a number of the vegetarian options had been removed so we stopped going there. Yesterday I noticed that they have Fry’s strips in a number of interesting options. I tried the Thai strips. This was made up of Fry’s strips prepared with Thai Chilli sauce on a bed of lettuce, cucumber strips and tomato. As options go, this was most enjoyable.

I know that there are those of you out there that are not only vegetarian, but are dairy and wheat intolerant and do not therefore eat the meat substitutes and of course those that don’t eat or tolerate soya. This information has still got to trickle down to the likes of Nino’s, Wimpy etc. Well it’s 2010 and finally they are making an effort to give us vegetarians some acknowledgement.

Ninos Frys VegetarianThank you Nino’s. P.S. I check with Daniel at Nino’s in Douglasdale whether I could photograph some of the menu. He was happy with that an also, by the way this Nino’s outlet offers Free Wi-Fi.

Ninos Frys Vegetarian