Wimpy For Vegetarians

Vegetarian options on Wimpy Menu

Whatever you think of a Wimpy there is something that needs to be acknowledged and that is that they have been around for a long time and they do take notice of what their customers want. For a number of years Wimpy have offered a vegetarian burger and a couple of salads without meat. I have noticed that even though it may not be my choice of food, there are dishes that lids like, traditional English breakfasts, top of the range Expresso coffee, an assortment of burgers, traditional milkshakes, toys for kids and a place for them to play.

Sometimes we are caught on the road unprepared for a meal and have to stop in to one of  a number of these quick service eateries. Mostly, it is a struggle to find anything healthy to eat and sometimes the compromise to hunger turns out to be discomfort and indigestion. Mostly however the Wimpy has been less disappointing and they are even prepared to make a toasted sandwich with ingredients that are not on the menu.

On my last visit to Wimpy I was impressed to see that within the restraints of their Non Vegetarian menu, they have changed their menu and now offer a number of dishes as a Vegetarian option by replacing the meat with a vegetarian burger.

Well done Wimpy! It may not be perfect but at least you are acknowledging our existence as vegetarians.

Wimpy For Vegetarians