The Vitamix Tomato Ice Cream Story

The Vitamix Tomato Ice Cream StoryIt all started at the beginning of 1995.  We were keen organic vegetables growers, ran courses in growing vegetables organically and manufactured and supplied a start to finish organic vegetable growing system for the home gardener. To beef up my knowledge I subscribed to the American organic gardening magazine and became more and more intrigued with the advert about making tomato ice cream with a Vitamix blender. Following their offers in the advert I requested a 20 Page brochure! Who offered such huge brochures – Vita-Mix!

Not long after we had received our Vitamix I concluded that this would be a superb product to import. Importing was a lifelong dream of mine and so in October 1995 the first shipment of Vitamix Super Blenders arrived.

Now Vita-Mix Corp are a real conservative family-run organisation and so change does not come easy. It was about the time that Healthmakers became one of Vita-Mix’s first international dealers – I think Australia and Healthmakers started in the same year – open to correction – that Vita-Mix had just launched their Total Nutrition Center. This was a HUGE move from the Vita-Mix 4000. It had a stainless steel jug with a tap, so a move to a clear polycarbonate container  and a light white base was quite something.

So, it is now 15 years later and Vita-Mix have taken the plunge and upgraded the existing machine. The ‘New’ model 5200 is not characterised by a touch pad and anything digital. It remains the same basic machine with two switches and a dial – On and Off, High and Variable, and the Variable dial. It seems that at the end of the day the product is well proven and highly dependable. Vita-Mix Corp. obviously looked at where improvements could be made and ended up by launching the 5200 model with a quieter Swedish designed motor, an Eastman Tritan™ copolyester jug that is BpA free to replace the now less popular polycarbonate, a soft-grip handle to improve operation comfort, an easy-off lid to replace the more difficult to remove rubber lid and finally a slight design change to the jug itself to avoid that inevitable drip every time you put the jug down.  Well, it might not sound like much but when you have such an amazing product that, although it might still look a bit old fashioned, REALLY does the job like no other. There is, for me, just nothing to beat the experience of making, and the pleasure of drinking a completely wholefood (meaning, fruits with seeds, and skins, adding nuts and seeds and loads of greens) creamy smoothie made with a Vita-Mix. I’m a Vitamix fan!

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The Vitamix Tomato Ice Cream Story