Two Vegetarians Home From The Kill
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Two Vegetarians Home From The KillBefore we drive home from Johannesburg we usually call in at Carreira Centre in Rebublic Road, Randburg. For many years this has provided a one-stop-shop for a huge range of vegetables and fruit, chinese and Indian food requisites, a cheese shop, dried fruits and nuts and grains, fresh flowers, fish and meat and a vegetarian friendly restaurant all housed in  eight stores in the small centre with plenty of parking.

One night when we returned home and brought all the boxes in, I was so overwhelmed with the colour and variety of the food we had that I laid it all out on the floor and took a photo. We live 50km from the nearest town stocked with a variety of food and even then, the selection is often limited so we stock up. This mass of produce is stored in our “coca-cola” fridge and our 1955 General Electric fridge that I painted black.

Two vegetarians home from the killWhen I see the price of fresh produce in other countries I am always so grateful that I live in a country that has such amazingly good weather to enable us to grow and purchase fruit and vegetables so inexpensively.

Two Vegetarians Home From The Kill