Have A Smoothie In The Mountains
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Birthdays come and birthdays go but this one was different. Seems banking the gifts up like time share seems to pay off. Michael and I received one of these banked up gifts form our daughters and wow has it been awesome! Three days at Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg Mountains.

When going away, the question of food always comes up. Will they cater? Can they cater for vegetarians? It is always so high up on our list due to so many times when food has seriously been a take your own and hope they have some veggie food to supplement what we brought with. In the case of Cathedral Peak that is not an issue. Not only do they  have food for us but they are prepared to go out of their way to accommodate requests.

Eating rules are I guess part of everyones lifestyle whether a vegetarian or not. We always hear I don’t eat this or that and then there are the, I just could not live without meat or margarine. So besides being vegetarian we also have some rules. To avoid the stress on both sides of the fence, we have rules for home and rules for out. This means that for example, biscuits and bread and cheese are usually not on our shopping list but if we are away we break the rules to add some variety to the usually limited fare on offer. The area that we don’t usually like to mess with when away is our green smoothie breakfast and so our Vitamix comes with us. As you can see from the picture, the faceplate of this Vitamix is quite old. The be precise, it is the original Vitamix that we ordered from Vita-Mix Corp in the USA in 1995 when there was no International dealer in  South Africa. This stunning piece of equipment has been pumping out smoothies, soups, nut butters, frozen desserts and so much more for all these years.

Have A Smoothie In The Mountains

The pink bag in the picture was a give away at Clicks some years ago when puchasing some cosmetics and wow has it turned out to be a gem. With plates and knives and forks and serviettes and ample area to carry our selection of nuts, seeds and green powders for our smoothies plus some herb teas, mugs and the emergency marmite (rules for out).

So, the hotel staff had no problem in sending a tray to our room with our chosen selection of fruit and a pail of ice AND a small fridge! Then, in addition to enjoying our delightful green smoothie we have enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of Cathedral Peak and surrounds that changes every minute of the day. As the sun moves so the mountains change and when the cloud covers the blue blue autumn sky it all takes on a completely different hue.

It has been a time to reflect the changes we want to our lives, plans for our health businesses, and an opportunity to enjoy some hiking, the great putting course and some awesome tennis, stunning music and just quiet time to listen to some of Byron Katie’s CD’s that we brought back from The School for The Work in Los Angeles, California last month.

I used to get sideways looks when I started looking for bags to pack the Oscar Juicer, the Vitamix and other useful equipment for self catering accommodation but these days, Michael joyfully packs up the Vitamix as we share the knowledge that the equipment enhances our lifestyle both at home and away.

Have A Smoothie In The Mountains