Carcinogenic Chemicals Packaged And Legal

Carcinogenic Chemicals Packaged And LegalSomeone suggested to me that the only reason that cigarettes are still legally manufactured and sold is because governments world wide make billions in taxes. I wonder if these same governments that effectively turn a blind eye ever calculate the health care costs that they have to foot the bill for.

Carcinogenic Chemicals Packaged And LegalFrankly, having been a smoker and knowing the viciously addictive nature of nicotine, I think that smokers should be offered Free nicotine detox. This is a legalised drug that not only affects the smoker but especially their children for which so many have so little regard because the addiction is so overwhelming. I remember when in ignorance, following the example of my parents and older brother I smoked – 20 to 30 a day. Having children didn’t rid me of the addiction so I continued to smoke in their presence and only years later when I had quit did I have to suffer guilt when an irridologist told my daughters that they both showed lung damage from 2nd hand smoke. I recall the messages from my Mother’s sister after my Mother had confirmed that Yes I was still smoking.  appealing, no actually begging me to quit as she struggled to breath with the aid of oxygen, suffering from emphysema. Even that was not enough to get me to face the truth. Finally one day, I received a visit from a man who I had met some number of years before who, as I recall actually reeked of tobacco on his breath and clothes and had yellow fingers and teeth from nicotine stains. He told me that he found out that he had emphysema 13 years After he stopped smoking. I was shocked into reality! Suddenly realising that it could already be too late for me. The fear was suddenly greater than the pleasure and I set up my plan to quit, knowing that it would be a tough call.

I still continue to be shocked by the list of carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes and so continue to appeal to smokers to make all attempts to rid themselves of this disgusting practice which is far from a habit – it is a life threatening addiction. (Carcinogens are chemicals that cause cancer in humans – yes that is you and me.)

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals of which 43 are known to cause cancer in humans.

How is this for a list!

  • Starting with rat poison – Arsenic also known as Hydrogen Cyanide which was used in the gas chambers in Nazi Germany.
  • Most smokers know about Tar and often get quite irritated with you if you mention this, I mean why mention the obvious. About 70% of the smoke converts into tar and stays in the lungs. Just a pity that most smokers don’t get the opportunity to see their tar-laden lungs.
  • Imagine that intelligent humans suck on the poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas! This is the same gas that comes out of the exhaust pipe of your motor car that is fatal in large amounts.
  • Acetone, yes nail polish remover is used as a solvent and found in cigarettes. Talk about sniffing glue! Suck on acetone.
  • Now we are getting closer to the bone with embalming fluid. Formaldehyde, also found in cigarette smoke is the same highly poisonous chemical used to preserve dead bodies.
  • The same hydrocarbon obtained from coal, that I use as fuel for my camping stove, Benzene, is also found in cigarette smoke and associated with leukaemia.
  • In order to enjoy the nicotine you need Ammonia, found in dry cleaning fluid to release it from the tobacco

How is it possible that Nicotine a highly addictive drug that is also used as an insecticide and well known to be one of the most addictive and harmful drugs known to man can be purchased in any quantity over the counter of every corner store?  Suddenly, the dominating protection agencies such as the FDA and the SA Department of Health are nowhere to be found.

Smoking is just slow suicide! Death by smoking is not an enjoyable experience. To get a glimpse of it ask someone to put a plastic bag over your head to restrict your breathing – imagine that on a daily basis for months and in some cases years?

One of the contributing factors to my quitting was the constant insults by my children about how I stank. My message – Don’t just tolerate smokers – insult them, understand their addiction, encourage them to quit and above all ensure that they understand the addictive power of nicotine. Once a smoker, always a smoker – this is why I consider myself to be a non-smoking smoker, one away from 30 a day!

Carcinogenic Chemicals Packaged And Legal