Is There A Cure For Diabetes

World Diabetes Day 2009 – Can Type-2 diabetes be cured?
Some years ago, at the Newcastle Winter Festival I had a conversation with a South African Medical doctor who was working in London. We were promoting a healthy lifestyle through the Juicing and Blended Smoothies and so the subject of the increase in cancer and particularly diabetes came up. The Doctor stated quite categorically “Diabetes is the single most preventable and curable of all diseases”. I was surprised as many diabetics had told me that their Doctor had told them that diabetes is not curable. The Newcastle born Doctor’s words stayed with me and so it was no surprise to me when I had the opportunity of watching the documentary film “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. I was so impressed that I followed up by obtaining a copy of Dr Gabriel Cousens book ‘There is a Cure for Diabetes’. I wondered why this groundbreaking information being given by a Medical Doctor who obviously had excellent credentials was not being used and broadcast worldwide to assist the millions of diabetics.
For information about Dr. Sir Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D go to
Take a look at this 6 minute interview with Dr Gabriel Cousens

Then World Diabetes Day came along on Saturday 14th November and things started to become clear.
According to the World Diabetes Website “In 1985, an estimated 30 million people worldwide had diabetes. A little over a decade later, the figure had risen to over 150 million.” Today, according to IDF figures, it exceeds 285 million and unless action is taken to implement effective prevention and control programmes, IDF predicts that the total number of people with diabetes will reach 435 million by 2030.
Currently this is a staggering increase of 950% in a mere 24 years.
What is worse is that the predictions are for a further 52% increase on current figures in the next 20 years. By 2010 the expenditure on diabetes treatment is estimated to be US$376 Billion (3000 BILLION Rand). This for a preventable, lifestyle disease!! Something has seriously gone wrong.
World Diabetes Day 2009 was HUGE. There seemed to be an unlimited budget for 2009 with monuments and buildings around the world were lit up with blue lights. These included the London Eye in England and the Empire State Building in New York, Table mountain and the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa and over 700 more!

Is There A Cure For DiabetesIs There A Cure For DiabetesIs There A Cure For DiabetesIs There A Cure For Diabetes

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

People were encouraged to light a blue candle, put a blue candle onto their websites, email an image of a blue candle.

Millions of people in countries all over the globe gatherered to highlight the increasing numbers diagnosed with diabetes. South Africa was no exception with gatherings in rural areas all over the country. Again, no expense spared with a huge articulated vehicle travelling around – maybe many of these vehicles?
Where was all the money coming from?

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

Is There A Cure For DiabetesIs There A Cure For DiabetesIs There A Cure For DiabetesIs There A Cure For Diabetes

The budget for the World Diabetes Day website seemed unlimited. I was impressed that there was such collective force behind educating the public from all walks of life throughout the world about diabetes. The mission of the IDF was clear.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

Reading through the website, nowhere could I find the word CURE or REVERSAL. For a while I was confused as to why, but then I spotted this information from the International Diabetic Foundation. “Funding is essential to an activity of this kind. IDF is grateful to a diversity of commercial partners for provision of unrestricted educational grants.” The familiar names of the international Drug Companies were the partners! Eli Lilly,
Merck Inc (MSD), Merck Santé,
Novo Nordisk,
Pfizer Inc,
Roche Diagnostics,

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

Then the light came on! The IDF were not about Cure or Reversal of Diabetes, they were as they stated about managing and controlling diabetes. What a gift for drug companies! Can you imagine that the very company that provides the medication for diabetes is going to tell it’s shareholders that it is making substantial donations to an organisation (IDF) that intends to educate millions of people about how to cure their diabetes? What a joke!
Taking a closer look at the IDF’s function in preventing and curing diabetes I came across their Global Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes. This document states that it takes into account 19 specific health-care domains. (Personally I would refer to most of these as disease-care domains – health doesn’t need to be cared for!)
From the list below, you can start getting a picture of how these “unrestricted educational grants” are in fact investments by the drug companies. How many of these sections are creating profit for the drug companies and other organisations. Why would they have any interest in cure or reversal?
The 19 sections are:

  1. Screening and diagnosis
  2. Care delivery
  3. Education
  4. Psychological care
  5. Lifestyle management
  6. Glucose control levels
  7. Clinical monitoring
  8. Self-monitoring
  9. Glucose control: oral therapy
  10. Glucose control: insulin therapy
  11. Blood pressure control
  12. Cardiovascular risk protection
  13. Eye screening
  14. Kidney damage
  15. Foot care
  16. Nerve damage
  17. Pregnancy
  18. Children
  19. In-patient care

The main mission of any business is profit – that’s what companies are in business for and when they are public companies they are responsible to make good profits for the shareholders. Here in SA Norvo Nordisk was the sponsor and by the extent of the gatherings that took place all around the country they were certainily making a profitable investment in the South African diabetics.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

Is There A Cure For Diabetes
The real intention should be teaching doctors and patients how to cure diabetes.

The question I ask is whether we should be managing diabetes or curing it? Ask anyone this question and undoubtedly the answer will be cure. Why then is diabetes being managed and not cured. Firstly, how do you convince a doctor that simple inexpensive living food (fruit and vegetables) could replace his years of experience as a doctor and his confidence in the ‘scientifically tried and tested’ drugs. Guess that’s why most doctors continue to see diabetes as incurable. Then with this in mind how do you convince a diabetic that his doctor is ignorant of the truth and that the simple vegetable juices are part of the simple regime to reverse their diabetes.
The independent, 91 minute documentary film “Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”, Dr. Cousens worked with 6 Americans with diabetes who switch to a diet consisting entirely of vegan, organic, uncooked food in order to reverse disease without pharmaceutical medication. Within a few days their blood sugar levels began to drop without medication and they started taking their power back. Dr Cousens categorically told these people at the end of 30days that their diabetes was cured.

Order your copy now.Is There A Cure For Diabetes

In the introduction of Gabriel’s book There is a cure for Diabetes he states “Yes…Type-2 diabetes is a curable disease. From my 35 years of clinical experie nce as a wholistic medical doctor , and that of live-food theapertic centres since the 1920’s when Max Gerson, MD healed albert Schweitzer of diabetes with live foods, the fact that diabetes ia a curable disease is common knowledge in the live-food community.”
He states that the program is most effective with diabetes mellitus type 2 and is also very effective at increasing quality of life and reducing insulin levels for diabetes mellitus type 1. The 21-day cycle at the core of this program is also a powerful modality for hyperglycemia and pre-diabetes as well as improving quality of life for those in need of rejuvenation and healing.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

Dr Gabriel Cousens’ book There is a Cure for Diabetes is thorough. He has not cured many diabetics, he has taught diabetics how to cure themselves and to stay cured.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes
Order your copy now

So let us enjoy the benefits of the huge investment by the drug companies in bringing to the worlds attention to the fact that diabetes is a pandemic and spread the word everyone that you know that THERE IS A CURE FOR DIABETES.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes


  1. Lyn Boucher April 6, 2010 Reply

    Amazing to think someshere somehow a true Cure for Diabetes is available. People who suffer from the disease have a multitude
    side effects.
    i will pass on this information to my family and friends

  2. Keith Meyer September 25, 2010 Reply

    I have been recently diagnosed with type one diabetes and at 61 years old found this to be rather daunting, especially when the new Doctor I visited made no attempt to contact me after my blood tests and after two days I phoned him and he kindly told me I had diabetese with a HBA of 13.3%, cholesterol level of 8.6 and I must pick up a script from the front desk and avoid sugar. He either lacks knowledge of the disease or has a “don’t care” attitude and quite frankly, after finding out how serious this disease is, he should not be allowed to consult on the subject and should have the decency to point one in the right direction. He prescribed oral medication, Glucophage and Glamaryl, which he made a total botch up of and the pharmacist had to phone him to clarify which type of Glucophage to give me.
    The following Saturday my wife and I visited Pick and Pay in Hillcrest as I needed to stock up with items with no sugar, (I had not done any research on the subject as this was only two days after my diagnosis), and went looking for sugar but could not find any and then went in search for a store assistant for help. A Mr. Mark Trollip came to my assistance and asked why I needed this item and told him I was not allowed to have sugar, he asked if I was diabetic and then proceeded to give my wife and I a tour of the store and their diabetic range of foodstuff and drinks and some very good advice as to “what not” and “what too” eat and drink. He then advised me to visit his Doctor. I am now under his care and now on Insulin, Lantus and he has organised a Diabetes Councilor and nurse to help me further.
    I have also joined the Diabetic Society.
    I made enquiries into the CDE and my Medical Aid, Discovery, but unfortunately I am in the Classic Priority scheme which does not cover the requirements.
    Where do I obtain future copies of your publication and how many have you published as I have issue one.
    I was appalled at the lack of knowledge from the first Doctor and recently attended the presentation on diabetes by Momentum Life and they have also indicated that Doctors are reluctant to improve their knowledge, advice and care to patients who they diagnose with the disease. To this day, I have not heard from the first Doctor.
    I was diagnosed a month ago.
    Kind regards,
    Keith Meyer
    071 606 7223

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