Rawlicious Book Review

Rawlicious By Peter and Beryn Daniels 223 pages

Rawlicious Book Review

This book is the result of an idea whose time has come, an idea that most intuitively know and recognise – that to be healthy, happy, naturally nourished and completely connected to our surroundings is our birthright. After years of eating raw foods and superfoods and running raw food courses, both Peter and Beryn, have both met, inspired and been inspired by a growing number of people who are becoming aware of the amazing transformative and healing potential of living foods.

Rawlicious is a beautiful, full colour book with magnificent photos of the authors, the prepared foods and fresh produce. It is an environmental masterpiece being printed on triple green™, a 60% sugar cane fibre , chlorine free, from sustainable afforestation. Being much more than a recipe book covering topics such as nutrition, what raw food is and why we should eat raw food and the benefits of eating raw food. The book is clear that Health is not all about food. Moving to a raw food diet is a major event that needs some hand holding. Peter and Beryn take you by the hand and take you through what is needed to succeed with it, including:

  • The equipment required to make eating raw easy and delicious
  • Stocking a raw kitchen
  • Growing your own food
  • A stunning variety of recipes to keep any family on track, and the helpful pictures and easy to read and follow step-by-step instructions

There are tantalising recipes for:

Juices, Smoothies, Nut Milk, Butter and cheese, Soups, Salads, Sauces & Dressings, Snacks, Simple Meals, Bread and Crackers, Gourmet Meals, Beverages and Healthy Desserts.

This book is a natural expression of Peter and Beryn’s experience. They have lived and practiced the concepts and recipes in this book, and continue to do so joyfully. It will inspire you and give you a lot of information on a healthy lifestyle and healthy living.

A local first for raw food – Well done Peter and Beryn! You have set a great standard for others to follow in the quest for health and healing through raw food.

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Rawlicious Book ReviewRawlicious Book Review

Rawlicious Book Review


  1. Avatar Mario Viljoen Jan 28, 2010

    Fantastic book. Especially in that it helps to find prodcuts without the frustrations normally experienced with books written for the American or other overseas markets. This is not to knock those books but some ingredients just are not easily come by in SA. Suggestion: I know this book will go into more printings, editions etc — please rework the index so that items / names can be found by seeing on which pages these occur i.e. “aloe” should give all page numbers on which “aloe” appears for easy referrence. The current index is great but should maybe move to the front as a detailed contents item. There are also a few (very few that I noticed) typos / errors which are not serious but detracts from the message of the book — this just needs a bit of proofreading before the next printing. Otherwise absolutely great and the website is marvelous.

  2. Avatar Serna Kramer Feb 10, 2010

    I have read many Raw Food preparation books and love the variety and amazing ideas. BUT none of the books beat RAWLICIOUS! It is the best book to kickstart yourself on RAWS -It is a stunning guide to the world of RAW foods with practical advice on how to equip your kitchen.The colourful photos are recipes in themselves (detailed and clear). What’s more,it’s South African so most of the ingredients are known and available to us.In addition to all of this, the recipes are easy to follow and even a beginner can produce a delicious gourmet meal.

  3. Avatar Melodie Jun 29, 2010

    Where can I buy this book? I have looked everywhere and non of the shops (CNA, Exclusive books) has it!

    Please can someone let me know where this book is available.

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